Awaken is a membership community created by Max Marmer + Gillian Pothier to support those on a path of Spiritual and Relational Awakening.

In times of Great Transition, the Agents of Change gather to deepen knowledge & share wisdom, creating a powerful nexus point for our personal and collective evolution.


If you’ve been challenged by making sense of what's going on in the world today, you’re not alone. It can be all too easy feel overwhelmed and confused by the many sources of conflicting pieces ​of information and to put all the puzzle pieces together into a coherent whole.

Having a clear and coherent Sensemaker for understanding your personal evolutionary trajectory and the collective evolutionary trajectory is one of the most empowering gifts you can give to yourself.

Let us and our network of brilliant friends serve you as guides. 

AWAKEN is our committed response to the growing need for greater sensemaking and connection within our global network.


If you’ve had questions that you’d love to ask us and feel a desire to be part of a growing community of like-minded souls, AWAKEN is your opportunity to join us in co-creating a regular pulse of connection, support and knowledge-sharing.

The next session will be Friday, September 10th @ 230pm PST. 

What Will I Receive When I Join?

AWAKEN is a monthly membership, providing valuable access to our inner circle, the opportunity to ask specific questions on a full range of different topics, and connection to a peer group of other beings who are here to help facilitate the evolution of the human experience.


Your membership includes 2 primary access points:

Two 90-min Zoom
per Month

Delivered in a live group format, these calls will be an opportunity to ask specific questions, and receive direct feedback and coaching as a part of the group. Recordings will be sent shortly after.

A Private
Facebook Group

This is a place for community members to connect, ask questions, share and leverage the emergent collective knowledge bank.

What Topics Will
Max & Gillian Address?

This membership intends to provide an easy and central access point to Max & Gillian, allowing for the exploration of our respective teachings and for the questions and insights of the few to benefit the many.

Some of the topics you can expect us to cover include (but are not limited to):

  • ​What does it mean to commit to a path of Multidimensional Awakening? 

  • Masculine + Feminine polarity energetics in relationship to Self and Other.

  • Purifying the Templates of the internal localized Masculine + Feminine.

  • Max's teachings on Multidimensional Money and Investing.

  • Exclusive 'Hot Seat' sessions with a few Brave Souls ;).

  • Mystical and terrestrial explorations of Sex, Wealth, Relationship, and the Creative Impulse that flows into and through Business, Art and Life itself. 

  • Interviews with Brilliant Ones from specialized niches of multidimensional knowledge.

  • Personal shares, stories and insights from the Max + Gillian frontlines. 

  • Immersive "AMA” (“Ask Max Anything”) and “AGA” (“Ask Gillian Anything”) sessions.


We are crafting the energetic tectonic plates of this space to be deeply iterative and "susceptible to evolution" so that we may organically adapt to offering that which is of deepest service to the field.


If you are on this page, it’s highly likely that this offering is made with you in mind. However, we feel it’s important to be realistic about who AWAKEN is for and specific about who it is NOT for.


AWAKEN is most likely NOT suitable for you, if:


  • You believe what you see at the level of 3D “reality”.

  • If you chose to get the vaccine and have no reservations or regrets, this is likely not the right space for you.

  • If you believe that what we have been taught about American + Global World History is largely true.

  • You overly identify with your egoic level of persona + identity and do not have a desire for self-transformation.

  • You have a righteous relationship to ‘social justice’, ‘civic duty’, and societal obedience.

  • You believe that men and women are meant to be equal partners in all respects.

  • You have an immune response to relational polarity teachings.

Working with Max and Gillian:

The AWAKEN Monthly membership is the most financially accessible way to receive our time and attention. 




For the first 44 people to join

The monthly subscription is $44/mo for the first 44 people (prices to be raised thereafter) and grants you immediate access to the Private Facebook Group, as well as an invitation to join the regular live calls for as long as you remain a member.

The First Session will be Tuesday the 24th @ 11am PST. 

If you would like to pay via paypal you can do so at this link.



» Will Max & Gillian answer questions in the Facebook group?

Max & Gillian will pop in intermittently to respond to questions and threads that intrigue us and feel in service to the larger field. 

» Will you be bringing any special guests for the live calls each month?

Some sessions will include Special Guest friends of ours who have potent transmissions to share on particular dimensions of Awakening with complimentary masterful additions to the AWAKEN field we have laid down.

» What if I desire a deeper level of coaching and work with either of you?

Max & Gillian have begun offering private high-end mentorship crucibles for men, women, and couples. You can learn more in Gillian’s initial Facebook post here and apply for one of our few open spaces here.

» If I cancel my subscription, can I join again at the special introductory price?

No, if you choose to cancel your subscription and join again, you will be able to access whatever rate we have available at the time you join again. We can only offer you this special rate when you join AWAKEN today.

» What if I miss one of the live calls?

A recording of the call will be emailed to you a few days after each call. However, these are live, interactive calls, where we want to emphasize community elements and peer to peer support and resiliency, so we encourage everyone to attend live if possible! 


If you feel a deep resonance with this work and are in a situation of financial challenge, don't worry. No one will be turned down due to financial circumstances. Scholarship Applications are available upon request — email with the subject line ‘Awaken — Scholarship Request’ and a few lines about your situation and desire to be part of the community.

Max Marmer

Max is a seasoned traveler in the realms of Multidimensional Consciousness, synthesizing Tibetan Buddhism, various lineages of Ageless Wisdom, Integral Theory, Galactic History, and Personality Typologies alongside a deeply embedded understanding of Cosmic + Terrestrial Masculinity. 


He is well versed on Light and Dark Polarity and how it fractally manifests at many different dimensions or levels of reality both within our own psyche as well as within the world and cosmos at large.  This capacity for critical thinking is a prerequisite for understanding the shadows of ourselves, the shadows of Plato’s Cave — in today’s culture better known as the False World of the Matrix — and the long shadows of well-organized darkly-intented groups that correspond to Conspiracy Reality. 


He recently released a short video outlining the foundations of the Multidimensional Consciousness Model originally associated with Integral Theory: Line Up. Wake Up. Grow Up. Clean-Up. Show Up. Blow Up.

Max is currently the founder and CEO of TrueSelf, a transformational tech startup working at the intersection of cutting-edge psychology, big data, and machine learning, designed to accelerate the evolution of consciousness on the planet.  He is also the Founder and General Partner at Multidimensional Capital, a fund and financial advisory firm for supporting other awake, conscious souls in maximizing the value and appreciation of their financial assets by allocating capital into value-aligned projects that hold a piece of the next emerging paradigm. He’s also finishing up a book called Startup Science, which builds on the core insights from his former company, The Startup Genome, with the intention of establishing a unifying paradigm for the field of the Management Science of Entrepreneurship.

Gillian Pothier

Gillian Pothier, M.A. is a writer and the founder of Feminine Eros, which is a path and vehicle of Feminine Awakening.


After several years of what may be best described as a mystical thrashing, Gillian now rests in the soul truth of her devotion to the Masculine, in order to best catalyze and serve the journey of Feminine Awakening.


Gillian is here to teach women how to understand, respect and love Men and the Masculine (within and without) so that they may create lusciously devotional yet highly functional partnerships with unapologetically Masculine men. Years of fieldwork with clients from around the world confirm Gillian's belief that devotional love with a Masculine man is one of the innermost, eternal longings of the Feminine heart ~ and is also one of the most primordial access points to her own Awakening journey. 


Gillian's writing, podcasts, and live teaching transmissions are often deeply polarizing and activating experiences. She is excited to be debuting aspects of her work to a larger audience inside AWAKEN, alongside her love, Max.


In terms of 'topside world' lineage, she holds a Masters Degree in Depth Psychology from the world-renowned Pacifica Graduate Institute. The archetypal lens of Jungian / Depth psychology, especially in relationship to Masculine and Feminine aspects of the psyche, are a deep and beautiful influence on the way Gillian regards and meets the wholeness of the human Soul. 


It is Gillian's joy and greatest service to humanity to mirror and awaken the deeply Feminine-essenced Ones to their true nature as the quintessence of Devotion and Love.


Other Ways of Working with Max and Gillian

Max shares quite a lot of writing on his two Facebook pages here and here.

He is primarily focused on his roles as CEO of TrueSelf and General Partner at Multidimensional Capital but makes some space in his schedule for private mentorship for people who are ready to step into the accelerated path of multidimensional awakening and share their dharma with the world in a major way. If you feel the call, you may apply here.

Gillian currently shares her writing here publicly on Facebook.


Behind the G-scenes, she is creating a membership group for women where she will share more personal content and provide more individualized reflections and relational coaching. If you'd like to be added to the Waiting List / Announcement for the Feminine Eros Paid Membership community, please click here.

Release date: September 2021


Additionally, she is releasing her first publicly facing program in over a year. All For Love is an 11-week Teaching Lab/ Relational Mastermind for 11 women currently in partnership who are on the journey of Feminine Awakening. Please email for further information. 

Release date: September 2021.


Gillian will continue to offer private mentorship, although currently, this is waiting list only until October. If you'd like to be notified as space becomes available, please feel free to add your name here.

Lastly! Gillian and Max work with a select few of vibrationally curated men, women, and couples in highly activated mentorship frames.

Application for this adventure may be found here

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions: All subscriptions are non-refundable. For further information on our policies please see the Terms and Conditions for AWAKEN on the website. In continuing with the subscription process, you are automatically confirming your full agreement with all the terms and conditions presented in the agreement.

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