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"A Different Way...
That Really Has Been Helpful" 

Are You Ready To Unlock Your TrueSelf?

Your Relationship Breakthrough Call helps you…

Clarify the fastest path to being your best you so you can feel satisfaction and joy again.

Identify and release limiting beliefs and self-sabotage so you can resolve current and future issues

Discover how to identify unhealthy, unhelpful habits and patterns and establish healthy, helpful ones

Implement the 4-step game plan our clients are using to increase their Emotional Intelligence and be happier with themselves and their relationships

What are the results of past Unlock Your TrueSelf Calls?

"The work I did with Todd gave me new tools and strategies. I have already made significant progress and changes in my life for the better."

- Jessica C.

"Todd helped me transform one of the toughest years of my life into a period of personal growth and progress.  His coaching provided me with concrete ways and practices to live a better life."

- Zoya V.

"I keep pinching myself to make sure this is all real. Todd gave me the confidence to step forward with assurance. I kind of wish I had some more issues to work through so we could continue our sessions."

– Mike W

Who is Todd Payne?

Todd Payne is a Personal Development Coach with more than 20 years of experience guiding and mentoring people self-understanding and growth.


Todd helps individuals who feel stuck or unfulfilled discover their TrueSelf. He uses a proven process to identify and break free from self-limiting beliefs and habits, fostering improved self-awareness, intentionality, and personal fulfillment.

If you want to transform your potential into progress, but feel like you're banging your head against a wall and nothing’s working…

Todd’s Unlock Your TrueSelf Program is designed specifically to teach you how to understand your own patterns, to enhance your self-worth, and to reignite the spark of joy in your life.

Know this, Todd's program is unique and unlike anything you've tried before. If past approaches to self-improvement didn't work or if you've felt alone in your quest, it's alright.  The Unlock Your TrueSelf program offers concrete tools and actionable strategies to boost your personal development and embrace your authentic self.

Book your Unlock Your TrueSelf Breakthrough Call below if you're ready to break free from stagnation and truly embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation without any guessing or dead-ends.

"Todd has helped me understand what motivates and inspires me, and he has helped me understand and have empathy for friends and family in ways that make my relationships more interesting and satisfying."

The Justice Fighter | 8-6-3 SP

Donna R.

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