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So today, you can receive your Trueself Premium Personality Reading for just $9.99.

Yes, please prepare my TrueSelf Premium Personality Reading...

Normally $29.95

Today, Just $9.99

Purchase My Profile Now

100% money-back guarantee for 60 days





You’ve now seen a brief glimpse of your True Potential

And received a brief set of insights into your hidden gifts and talents.


…A quick look at what’s running you behind your current level of awareness and creating the existing results in your life.


NOW you have a UNIQUE opportunity to go one step further and discover for the first time EVER…


A full comprehensive picture of what’s holding you back in this lifetime and how to overcome it.


When you get a complete picture of what’s blocking your happiness and success in this lifetime…


You can finally express all your special hidden gifts and talents and live the life of UNLIMITED abundance you were meant to live.


The fact is…


[Name], Your FREE Reading Reveals Only A Tiny Fraction Of Your UNIQUE Gifts…


And quite frankly, there’s a lot of vital information in a more detailed reading that’s not appropriate to share on this FREE page.


Time and space are limited in this free reading and delving further into your TrueSelf Premium Personality Reading is an essential missing piece for your success and happiness…Because right now, what’s clear as day is that...


[Name], You’re only scratching the surface of the kind of life you’re meant to experience...


When you know your special gifts at a deep level you can use that power to manipulate your reality towards living your best life.


The much richer, fuller, detailed Premium Enneagram Profile Reading will reveal your life to you in a brand NEW light...


It is only when you align with the Unique Design of your TrueSelf that all the possibilities you once dreamed of can, at last, come true like:

  • Finding your life purpose

  • Skyrocketing your levels of confidence, ease, and gratitude.

  • Generating income levels you previously thought were unreachable.

  • Connecting with a soul-mate and having incredible experiences together.

Your Trueself Premium Reading


A BREAKTHROUGH Personality Reading For Revealing Your Unique Potential To Quickly And Effortlessly Create a brand NEW Ideal Reality

The True Self Premium Reading is an in-depth life-changing personality reading where you will discover a ‘true self’ you’ve never come into contact with before.

‘This true self’ is the source of all your power and potential. Your ‘true self’ contains all your special hidden talents, skills, traits you never dreamed you possessed. You’ll also see your weaknesses in a new light…turning them into strengths.

This NEW self-awareness lights one of the Truest paths to your personal power and success. Understanding your Trueself Premium Reading can transform your life forever.

You will stop chasing all the ways of being that are not meant for you and instead live truly settled and anchored in the unique design of your TrueSelf.

A Trueself Premium Reading is UNLIKE anything you’ve ever tried before

Myers-Briggs, Astrology, or Numerology...

This in-depth Enneagram reading goes much deeper and reveals to you aspects of your True Nature that NONE of these other methods can.

The True Self Premium Reading measures 972 different unique personality types…each with a level of depth and precision you’ve NEVER seen before.

It unlocks new levels of understanding in you these other methods simply can’t touch.

It is absolutely an essential tool for anyone who desires to tap into their full potential.

The self-mastery and ‘cheat codes’ for success the Premium Reading unlocks inside you are more than likely beyond your imagination right now.

Many people who have received the TrueSelf Premium Reading are shocked at how well the reading describes them and reveals secrets about their unconscious programming they never knew existed.

The origins of this Trueself Reading were born from ancient Enneagram traditions.

Many historians have traced the Enneagram back to secret mystery schools in the Middle Ages in Europe and the Middle East where they studied sacred geometry, mystical mathematics and the Secrets of Life.

The Enneagram was introduced to the modern world in 1915.

Since then the Enneagram has gone through multiple developments and innovations to evolve into one of the most respected and powerful personality reading tools available today.

The Trueself Premium Reading is the most advanced form of Enneagram reading available ANYWHERE.

We link ancient spiritual success and cutting-edge happiness secrets (that mystics through the ages have espoused) and BREAKTHROUGH modern psychology, YOU can use to command the universe to instantly make a quantum leap in fulfilling your dharma or destiny.

To say the Trueself Premium Reading is extraordinarily powerful would be an understatement.

We’ve invested 44 months and over $750k to collate and codify a revolutionary personality reading tool so detailed and powerful that NOTHING on the market compares to it today.

Almost instantly you will notice tangible changes in your focus, your outlook, self-confidence… and… yes, even financial abundance.

It’s a simple, revelatory, tried, and true process to success.

[Name], Here are the GAME CHANGING secrets you’ll discover about yourself in a Trueself Premium Personality Reading…

  • Discover your hidden true inner passions and true desires at the core of your being and how to attract the people, circumstances, and conditions to help you make them a reality. Most people spend a lifetime without ever knowing their hidden passions and desires.

  • The secret to recognizing your unique opportunities for attracting financial and material abundance that has always eluded you. These opportunities are as unique to you as your fingerprint.

  • How to make sure your hidden ‘inner blocks’ no longer hold you back from living the life you were born to live.

  • EXACTLY why you incarnated into this life and the divine mission that only YOU can fulfill.

  • Your ideal ‘career’ or ‘careers’ you should be pursuing in this lifetime to maximize your abundance.

  • The details about the gifts, strengths, talents, and insights you are here to share with others.

  • Your hidden truths and blind spots that are impossible to overcome unless pointed out to you in this premium reading… and how once you are aware of them-your reality can shift – ALMOST OVERNIGHT.

  • How to save yourself years of heartache and struggle when trying to manifest your dream life - because you won't be at the mercy of your ‘conditioned self’ anymore - instead you’ll be tapping into the limitless abundant power of your True Self.

  • You’ll get deeper insights into your potential than most personal growth, self-help, books, courses, seminars, and software…you have purchased-EVER.

  • You’ll be diving deep into your life and discovering secrets about the special potential inside you –that you can use to manifest any kind of life you wish…like a life where money is not a problem anymore — OR where you travel wherever you want and connect with your perfect soul mate.

  • The hidden secrets of tapping into your true self or your ‘Essential Silent Partner’ – it’s the place of your truth, regardless of what anyone tells you! Where you will attract people and circumstances effortlessly to help you manifest your dreams and goals.

YOU will discover a NEW YOU that you probably NEVER knew existed…

Many ‘wealth’ and ‘success’ courses don’t work because they are solely based on the mind, and they don’t acknowledge and include your unique personalized personality design or Essential Silent Partner....aka, your True Self.

This is that part of you that knows what you are capable of achieving and how to go about it.

Manifesting your dream life with a Premium Trueself Reading Is As Easy As 1-2-3

It’s so simple…and works for ANYONE!


You don’t need any special skills or aptitude to see all your potential for the first time and start using that potential to transform your life.

It’s a simple process of allowing the gifts and talents lying dormant within you right now to simply rise from the hidden recesses of your unconscious to your Awakened Awareness.

Attracting a life of abundance is so much easier once you receive your Trueself Premium reading.

Step 1 Go through the premium reading in detail. See all your strengths and hidden potential that has been lying dormant in you all along.

Step 2 Reflect on all the new knowledge of your hidden gifts and talents. See your weaknesses or challenges in a new light.

Step 3 Use your newfound awareness of your hidden gifts, talents and true self beyond your conditioning to start manifesting more money, more freedom and more amazing opportunities... such as attracting new premium clients or the soul mate of your dreams.

With the Trueself Premium Reading you could get the knowledge you need in order to:

Access your unique gifts and talents so the world recognizes your Genius.... Enabling you to stop working so hard and for so little!
As you create your own reality you could take as much time as you wish to travel, study or pursue your dreams.
Be financially free to NEVER worry about your mortgage or bills ever again.
Spend more time with your life partner… doing the things you LOVE to do like playing golf, fishing, travelling and writing.
Donate money to worthy causes that you believe in, even start your very own foundation.

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful legacy!

What a life that would be!

No Bosses and No Commute?

Or perhaps working from some exotic location.

Or not working at all.

And problems you used to have like lack of money, poor relationships, boredom in a job you hate...they will all drift away as you tap into your TrueSelf more and more.

Here’s the good news…

If you take inspired action today, You’ll save 70% off the normal price of $29.95 for today only...

The normal price is $29.95 for your Trueself Premium Reading.

People who paid that price were absolutely thrilled with the value and life-changing transformational results they experienced.

But today... you are seeing something special that will not last long...

Our goal is to make this hands down one of the easiest decisions you've ever had to make as we believe the planet, now more than ever, needs people who are living from their true self and contributing their true gifts to the world.

A Trueself Premium Reading is UNLIKE anything you’ve ever tried before

Yes! Give Me Immediate Access To my Trueself Premium Personality Reading..

Yes give me immediate access to my Trueself Premium Personality Reading right now.

Yes Give me access to $$$ worth of bonuses.

Yes I understand I will unlock my UNLIMITED potential FOR THE FIRST TIME to attract an amazing life of financial and time freedom.

Yes I understand this is a 100% risk free decision and I get an immediate refund if I’m unhappy for any reason whatsoever.

And don’t worry...

Your Success Is Completely Backed By My Risk-Free 100% 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Claim your Trueself Premium Reading today and read it over thoroughly (perhaps several times).

After the in-depth reading, start creating a new life for yourself.

And if in the UNLIKELY event you are not happy for any reason or no reason at all...simply email us for a quick no quibble refund.

You don’t even have to tell us why you want a refund.

We want to build a long-term relationship with you and we can’t do that on a bad foundation.

So claim your Trueself Premium Reading right now.

You risk NOTHING.

If it doesn’t work for you, you’re not out a dime. We can’t possibly be any fairer.

But wait-There’s more…

You’re at a crossroads right now

You are meant to be here right now.

Every moment in your life has been leading to this moment.

You have two options .

Option #1 is to do nothing here…close this page and get on with your day. But that would be a terrible shame. You will never find out about the incredible potential you have that’s lying dormant within you. You will never get a chance to harness your hidden skills and talents to create a different reality -at will.

Don’t do that to yourself. You know 6 weeks or 6 months from now you will still be dealing with the same problems if you don’t take action NOW.

Option #2 Here is to take a 100% risk free decision to find out why you are here. Find out why you incarnated into this life and the amazing potential you possess.

You will be accessing cutting-edge technology and ancient spiritual wisdom to see special gifts and talents you never dreamed possible before.

And all the risk is on our shoulders.

PS: There are essentially two ways you can live your life:

By DEFAULT - that is simply by noticing what you have attracted into your life and wondering how it got there… or…

By DESIGN - that is by deliberately choosing what you desire.

The key to happiness and wealth is to learn to create your life consciously by design, instead of unconsciously by default.

This Trueself Premium Reading gives you that in-depth self knowledge you will NOT find anywhere else for manifesting the life you’ve been dreaming of.

› Access your Trueself Premium Personality Reading here today.

Yes, please prepare my TrueSelf Premium Personality Reading...

Normally $39.95

Today, Just $9.99

100% money back guarantee for 60 days

Offer ends in

Purchase My Profile Now

What's Great About You


Attention goes to...


Famous People


Everything, EVERYTHING was spot on. My mind has been blown. I realized things about myself that were previously hidden in the shadows. I will be sharing this with everyone. This is going to help me better myself!

The Justice Fighter | 8-6-3 SP

Dalton B.

I cried seeing the truth of it all on the screen, it was needed. I am thankful for the 'negatives' as well as the positives because it is going to help me face the truth regarding some core lies that I have believed for far too long about who I really am. I am ready to change what's needed and embrace who I really am - loving myself, faults and all.

The Philospher | 1-6-4 SX

Tammy E.


So today, you can receive your Trueself Premium Personality Reading for just $9.99.

Yes, please prepare my TrueSelf Premium Personality Reading...

Normally $29.95

Today, Just $9.99

Purchase My Profile Now

100% money-back guarantee for 60 days





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