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Your Full TrueSelf Personality Profile goes much deeper.

If any of this has resonated with you, then you’re on the right track!


What if you could have these kinds of accurate insights into every area of your life?


Would you want to discover more about your unique growth path, and how to effortlessly become the best possible version of yourself?


And get laser focussed about the best possible jobs or career paths for you?


What if you could learn how to finally master your own health and wellness, in the unique way that’s best suited to your specific type.


And demystify love and dating, with a clear understanding of who you really are romantically.

Your complete TrueSelf Profile will reveal the full spectrum of your gifts & talents, that are as unique to you as your fingerprint.

The truth is, we all come here for a very special reason.


And we all are born with a unique set of talents, gifts, and skills that are meant to help us on our life’s journey, to fulfill our soul’s mission on earth.


While some of these might already be obvious, many will most likely be hidden from you.


Because during our lives we all experience challenges that cause parts of us to ‘shut down’.

If you’ve ever struggled with doubt or confusion about:

Your purpose in life, or why you’re here and what you should be doing

Creating huge financial abundance and freedom for yourself and your loved ones

Feeling naturally confident and able to make new meaningful connections effortlessly

How to feel amazing in your body with the health and wellness routine that feels best

How to be yourself in relationships, and how to attract (or keep) your true soulmate

Your Complete TrueSelf Profile will give you the keys to unlocking these mysteries, once and for all!

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Famous People with your Personality Type






Values Level: Traditional

As a Type X at your values level, you seek perfection through dogmatic adherence to a set of rules, standards, or religious beliefs. You firmly believe in moral absolutism and are disciplined, organized, and principled. Your quest for perfection may manifest as a zealous pursuit of purity or righteousness, often projecting your high standards onto others.



Your Spiral Dynamics Integral Stage

Attention goes to...


What's Great About You


Impact of Strategies




The Operating System for your Personality

Your Complete Profile is the secret handbook of your personality architecture. Discover the hidden reasons why you do the things you do, and empower yourself to consciously take control of your unique programming to live life at your best, from now on.

Ever wonder why you are the way you are?
Your Inner World

Discover the subconscious patterns secretly governing your reality and how they get in the way of what you truly desire

Blind Spots & False Beliefs

Learn about the hidden programs buried deep in your personality that have you living a fraction of your true potential and greatness.

Instinctual Drives

Learn how your personality type can best feel safe, socially recognized and accepted, and attract the love of your life. 

Your Growth Path

Learn how to overcome challenges you have been facing your whole life. Develop the habits, awareness and tools to stay in your zone of genius. 

Health and Diet

Discover how your personality type relates to health and diet and how this awareness can dramatically increase your fitness, vitality and passion for life


Discover what type of jobs and careers and are most suited to your personality…and also which ones are not. 

What Drives You


Core Wiring


What You are Great At




Explore Your Free Personality Profile

Primary Enneagram Type






Your TrueSelf Personality Test Results

Where the journey of discovering your TrueSelf truly begins.

Everything, EVERYTHING was spot on. My mind has been blown. I realized things about myself that were previously hidden in the shadows. I will be sharing this with everyone. This is going to help me better myself!

The Justice Fighter | 8-6-3 SP

Dalton B.

I cried seeing the truth of it all on the screen, it was needed. I am thankful for the 'negatives' as well as the positives because it is going to help me face the truth regarding some core lies that I have believed for far too long about who I really am. I am ready to change what's needed and embrace who I really am - loving myself, faults and all.

The Philosopher | 1-6-4 SX

Tammy E.

So many yes’s to how I feel, how I see life and myself, how I am my best self and how I live in illusion. Thank you!

The Mover Shaker | 3-7-8 SO

Erica M.

Everything resonates. I have been studying MBTI for years and now came to realize there's also another perspective of things other than just studying how we behave cognitively, another angle another view, another epiphany. And by the way, the Test was one of the most intuitive tests I ever encountered. Thanks again for offering this.

The Seeker | 6-9-4 SO

Mohamed T.


How well does this describe you?

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Primary Enneagram Type:

Your Personality type is

Your TrueType

TrueType is TrueSelf’s especially precise personality indicator based on the Enneagram where we map how 3 different distinct personality energies come together to make you uniquely you.













Get your Complete TrueSelf Personality Profile

Your unique roadmap to effortlessly creating more abundance, happiness, and self-mastery in EVERY area of your life, following the specific design of your TrueSelf.

Normally $29.95


100% Money-back Guarantee for 60 days

Today for only

Lifetime Updates

We are regularly adding to and improving the full TrueSelf Personality Profiles. Any content we add to the profile in the future you will receive for free.

60 Days Money Back

We believe you will find so much insight and value in your full TrueSelf profile that we are willing to give you a full refund for 60 days if you're unhappy with what you have received in your profile. No questions asked!

Frequently asked questions

The Enneagram is a system of personality typing that describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions. The Enneagram describes nine personality types and maps each of these types on a nine-pointed diagram which helps to illustrate how the types relate to one another.

According to the Enneagram, each of the nine personality types is defined by a particular core belief about how the world works. This core belief drives your deepest motivations and fears — and fundamentally shapes a person's worldview and the perspective through which they see the world and the people around them.

Our core beliefs are not necessarily incorrect, but they can be limiting and operate as “blinders” for people. Understanding our Enneagram type and how it colors our perceptions can help us to broaden our perspective and approach situations more effectively.

Understanding a person's Enneagram type helps us to see why they behave the way they do. Each Enneagram type has a set of core beliefs that will consistently motivate them to take particular actions and guide them to make certain decisions. Behavior that may seem confusing or contradictory can often be explained when we understand a person's Enneagram type.

The Enneagram also helps us understand how people react to stress. By describing how each Enneatype adapts and responds to both stressful and supportive situations, the Enneagram shows opportunities for personal development and provides a foundation for the understanding of others.

What is the Enneagram?

The diagram itself goes back many centuries, possibly as far back as the Greek mathematicians and beyond. The first appearance in print (that we know about) was in 1305, when a Franciscan friar named Ramon Lull in Majorca used it as a way of synthesizing the knowledge of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.


As a system of psychological types, this development began in the late 1960s although there are parallels in the Christian tradition going back to the "Desert Fathers" in the first two centuries CE. At that time, the obstacles to spiritual practice were described as the eight or nine habits of mind.

The Enneagram of today incorporates both the long-standing mystical wisdom put forth by those early Christian monks and the studies and exploration of the Enneagram pioneers that surfaced in the last hundred years.

What are the origins of the Enneagram?

The foundation of the TrueType is based on the Enneagram, which has 9 core personality types in 3 Centers of Intelligence: Body, Heart, and Head.


In the TrueType System, you have a personality type in each Center of Intelligence that you use in preferential order, hence your 3 types X, Y, Z. These 3 types come together in a unique way that makes zoom is having an up the core of your personality.


For those familiar with the Enneagram System, we do not use Wings. Our research has essentially shown that wings are a lower resolution version of TrueType. 


We describe more about TrueType in this article and will write more about our research into Wings soon. 

What is a TrueType?

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to receive your reading as a PDF at this time. This is a feature we hope to add in the near future. You can of course print the web page via your web browser. But rest assured, through the link in the email you received (if you have entered your email address) you can always read the enneagram online.

Can I receive a PDF?

What is so useful about understanding our Enneagram type is that it gives us a huge amount of information about our personality, character structure, and our patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. We have the opportunity to develop our self-awareness and make more conscious choices about what serves us and what doesn't. At the beginning level, there is a shortlist of suggestions: "do this, don't do this" which can improve our daily functioning, our performance at work and our communication with others. At a deeper level, there is a map to profound psychological and spiritual growth.

What impact might the understanding of one's own Enneagram type?

We understand that things happen — sometimes life gets busy and maybe you didn’t get to even try TrueSelf. Not to worry! We want to make sure that we bring real value and we love our customers.

Please connect with our support agents to ask for a refund — you can easily do that via our contact form.

Money-back warranty.

Your Full Profile Preview

Your Core Beliefs


In the Zone


Keys to Growth


Many Insightful Chapters

Your Inner World
Core Beliefs, Core Desires, Core Needs, Core Fears


Your Operating System

At Your Best, Under Stress, What Holds You Back, Coping Strategy, Defense Strategy, Hot Buttons & Triggers, Blind Spots, Mistaken Beliefs / Trap

Your Growth Journey

Transformation Journey, Under Stress, An Average Day, In The Zone, Keys to Growth

Learn about Instinctual Subtypes

The Self-Preservation, The Social, The Intimate

And Health & Diet 


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