Enneagram Pairing Type 1 & 5

1 - The Moralist

Quality Control Specialist, Reformer, Perfectionist, Judge, Administrator, Rule Keeper, Crusader

5 - The Investigative Thinker

Investigator, Observer, Expert, Scientist, Analyst, Specialist, Hermit


Core Pattern

Ones and Fives are very similar types. They are both are highly identified with their minds and reluctant to show emotion. Both are fact-oriented, although Ones will tend toward greater practicality of their ideas, whereas Fives are much more comfortable with elaborate, abstract mental landscapes. If difficulties arise, Fives tend to withdraw and Ones become obsessive or overly perfectionistic.

Shared Values

Both Ones and Fives place a strong value on objectivity and not permitting feelings to obscure the clarity of the mind. They will likely bond over intellectual stimulation and curious exploration, probably resulting in the discovery of a wide array of shared interests. These two will love to debate, discuss, and dive into their mutual expertise and knowledge. While these two will both generally be pretty serious people, they will also be able to find humor in the absurdities of life. They both deeply value integrity, understanding, and truth.

How You Complement Each Other

Because of their mutual appreciation for knowledge, learning, debate, and ideas, these two can find a lot of complementarity in their relationship. And generally speaking, each other's strengths are admirable and worthy in the eyes of the other. Ones can appreciate Fives' strong boundaries, intellect, independence, respect for privacy, steadiness, and non-attachment. Fives can appreciate One's practicality, self-reliance, dependability, high standards and attention to detail.

Professionally, Fives and Ones have many similarities in the approach they use in the workplace. Ones appreciate Fives' critical attention to detail and information which ensures that an efficient, no nonsense, dispassionate work routine is established, and Fives will appreciate Ones' high-level organization, planning, and awareness of numerous details. Both types will appreciate the common values of working independently, methodically, and meticulously.

Ones are concerned with logic and order, systematic thinking, attention to details and the desire to improve the world around them. Fives bring a wide-ranging curiosity, a willingness to entertain the bizarre and illogical, the ability to relish disorder, chaos and explore a lack of meaning.

There will likely be a strong moral backbone shared between these two, as both are motivated by their desire to make the world a better place. The combination of discipline, rationality, care, and know-how make this a formidable team.

How You Can Get Into Trouble

A primary area of trouble for these two will be in their perceived levels of activity. Ones' will likely always be wanting to engage in clear, active ways, while Fives will often require time spent seemingly disengaged in order to make progress. Indeed, Fives will be less effective with a constant expectation of project activity.

Ones can feel Fives are too impractical and that they got lost exploring irrelevant tangents. Yet Fives' reflection and analysis time, while not appearing to have immediate results, plays a significant role in the overall success of a project or assignment. Fives can feel like Ones are too serious and rigid, and are far too invested in the correctness of their perspective.

Another potential problem area is the differing ways Ones and Fives deal with the idea of truth. Both intellectual, thoughtful, philosophical folks, these two might uncover some gnarly conflict when confronted with their vastly differing perspectives on what is true. Ones have a tendency to believe truths they arrive on are Ultimate in nature, and that therefore enacting their worldview carries a moral imperative.

Meanwhile Fives are often able to see many possible interpretations for any given set of data. They recognize that consensus truths have often later proven to be false throughout history and any truth should be looked upon skeptically. For this reason, Fives love to find the holes and anomalies in any system or body of thought that portrays itself as complete or the ultimate.

Ones, by contrast, like to hold on to one version of truth as the only version of truth, making them susceptible to fundamentalism and dogma. They can easily become rigid or overly identified with one perspective, whereas Fives can fall into the trap of seeing the world as meaningless and without cause as a result of their insistence on poking holes in any and all belief systems. This differing approach to truth is hard wired into their personalities structures, and as a result if either of them is unable to convince the other of their perspective, frustration and misalignment will permeate the relationship.

The connection may devolve into a polite, distant coolness, where these two isolate themselves from each other and only come together for what they must. They can slip into a negative spiral where Ones are uncomfortable with the silence and distance, thus pushing to return it to it's ideal state, or the way it used to be. This push winds up alienating Fives, as they perceive it as an energetic intrusion, causing them to withdraw further.

Sensing even greater distance, One can become angry and start to attack with moral criticisms, passive aggressive digs, and holier-than-thou judgments. Their dynamic becomes Anxious/Avoidant, full of harsh words, harbored resentments, and distrust.

What Each Type Needs To Be Aware Of

Ones need to be aware of Fives' natural need for alone time and not interpret this as indifference, withholding or withdrawal. Ones need to quell their urge to come to solid judgments quickly, and practice expressing their feelings and desires. Fives need to be aware of their sensitivity to intrusion and criticism, their tendency to withdraw from charged issues and their hidden feeling of intellectual superiority, which can damage their relationships.

Also, both types should keep in mind that Fives work best alone and are not inclined to actively integrate with other team members. Conversely, Ones need as much relevant information as possible when working on a project in order to do the job properly. Fives' tendency to withhold some of the information can create difficulties and may jeopardize the quality of the project.

Communication, direct questions, and clearly stated needs will make working together much smoother for these two. It will be important for Fives to make an effort to provide as much information as possible to allow the Ones to successfully complete their assignments. By contrast, Ones will need to watch their tendency to critique unnecessarily, as Fives are sensitive to criticism and will become avoidant if they feel personally attacked.

Generally speaking, Ones will be motivated by a desire for practical improvement and maintaining decorum, while Fives are driven mostly to build their knowledge and explore many intellectual perspectives. Fives excel in environments wherein they can conduct extensive research, connect several differing schools of thought, mind-map, and analyze. Ones also appreciate intellectually fueled environments, but also want more structure, rules, clear expectations, and a guiding moral philosophy.

How You Can Support One Another

As these two will likely struggle with the level of information sharing required, entering into a sort of information tug-of-war, one of the most supportive things for this relationship will be making sure expectations are clearly defined at the beginning of a project or contract. Generally, the more One wants information, the more Five will try to hoard it, and so laying everything out on the table from the beginning with help Ones feel more comfortable, knowing they will get the information they need when they need it, and Fives to feel more on-board with how to proceed. Ones can support Fives by restraining their tendency to intrude on Fives and respect Fives sensitivity to their privacy and boundaries. Fives can support Ones by not resisting their urge to withdraw when they have intense feelings or are facing a charged issue. If Ones notice Fives withdrawing, they might need to take a bit of initiative to keep Five from retreating too far away, and in the case where Ones have become too moralizing or critical, Five will do well to maintain clear, compassionate boundaries.

Personally, the One-Five relationship will be supported by active engagement wherein these two can enjoy challenging, complex activities or conversations together. They will feel closer if they are solving a problem, undertaking something difficult and stimulating, or mapping something out together.

In A Romantic Context

A deep and fascinating intellectual bond characterizes this pairing, wherein both people delight in sharing their wide ranging interests—everything from theatre to literature to science to history to politics. These two love a good debate, and will usually be attracted to their partner's intelligence and command of their knowledge. Because they have similar approaches to life’s challenges—namely, the approach situations in a fact-oriented, rational manner—they can easily bond by sharing in the foundational aspects of sharing a life with someone, whether it’s building a home, raising children, or engaging in shared hobbies.

While not profoundly expressive when it comes to their feelings, these two will feel a sense of real intimacy by merely participating in mundane life together. They will also benefit from plenty of personal space, respect, and courtesy, as both Ones and Fives maintain healthy boundaries and self-restraint. To the relationship, Fives bring their delight in the more weird or wondrous parts of life, open-mindedness, and delight in disorder.

Ones carry an admirable desire to make the world better, clear principles, and a details-driven concern with what is right. The combination could find these two happily satisfied with the balance between chaos and order, absurdity and clarity. Of course, their differences can also lead to a painful, albeit stoic, rupture.

Although both are interested in truth, Ones’ believe that there is such a thing as certainty, as ultimate Truth. Fives hold the concept much more loosely, choosing instead to engage all possible interpretations and use their skepticism to poke holes in existing arguments. Where Ones strive for the only truth, Fives Strive to knock down ideologies and storm through self-righteousness, which means the admirable and worthy debates that brought these two together can become the very thing that sends them packing.

Likely unable to change their philosophies, discuss any underlying feelings in their angsty dispute-ridden conversations, or get together to solve their problems, these two will retreat to their respective zones. Coldness, isolation, and stubborn separation can descend on the relationship, but despite the obvious suffering, the One-Five pair might stay together for years, unaware and unable to feel the direness of their situation.

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