Enneagram Pairing Type 2 & 7

2 - The Nurturing Advisor

Helper, Giver, Caretaker Nurturer, Advisor, Altruist, Good Samaritan

7 - The Entertaining Optimist

Epicure, Visionary, Enthusiast, Jack-of-All-Trades, Adventurer, Innovator, Dilettante


Core Pattern

The core pattern of both the Two and the Seven are similar in that both deny the existence of problems or pain in themselves. They are both optimistic, cheery, and socially engaged, and tend to have much charismatic, charming energy. Sevens deny their sorrow and pain because they fear feeling trapped by their deeper emotions, while Twos ignore their needs and deeper feelings instead of taking care of others or making sure they do not upset anyone.

Shared Values

Both Sevens and Twos strongly value friendship, positivity, making people happy, generosity, and having a good time. Both are idealistic, although Twos more so, and enjoy giving of their time and resources to others.

They appreciate engagement, optimism, and spontaneity highly, and tend to live in a realm of endless possibility. They are both quick to act and can be unpredictable, which both find quite fun. Indeed, these two are considered look-alike types because of their similar values and patterning.

How You Complement Each Other

This is a highly complementary pair. Together, they possess an almost superhuman level of spark and charisma: the combination of the Twos innate emotional intelligence with the Seven’s sharp mind and exciting presence makes them a force to be reckoned with.

The ease of connection, love of pleasure and excitement, and appreciation of adventure shared by these two means there is rarely a dull moment. If collaborating on a project, co-hosting an event, or on a double date, the Two-Seven combination is sure to make others feel happy, at ease, and excited to be alive. Generally, the Two brings out the Sevens more altruistic and giving nature, purely through leading by example, and the Seven shows the Two that its ok to treat oneself from time to time.

How You Can Get Into Trouble

This duo gets into trouble easily if either type is operating on a more unhealthy or unconscious level. Sevens, in their average or below average tendencies, can get selfish, greedy, and uncouth, with little regard of how their actions are affecting those around them. They will also tend to trample others feelings for the sake of a good joke or to lighten the mood, which can be destructive to any bonds or feelings of closeness felt by the more emotionally aware Two.

Sevens can also quickly check out of an experience—whether by leaving the room, changing the subject, or moving on to the next activity fast—when they feel any danger of being trapped, bored, or forced to feel something they have been avoiding. This means that the more emotional Two can get very suddenly pushed out of the way. Average Sevens will take advantage of the average Twos lack of boundaries, and come to expect them to be continually giving of their time, energy, and resources.

The Two, in their lower levels, will present as emotionally needy, co-dependent, and manipulative, all traits that impinge on the Seven’s freedom and cause them to exit the relationship. As they are part of the image triad, Twos also have no problem adapting or changing the way they look or behave depending on their surroundings, which can be off-putting to the Seven, who tends to opt for a more sturdy presentation of self. Sevens take integrity and authenticity very seriously, so the chameleon-like nature of the Two has the potential to cause a riff between this pair, if not addressed.

What Each Type Needs To Be Aware Of

Sevens need to be mindful of their tendency to flee when the situation becomes tedious or emotionally challenging for them. In these times, it’s best to pay attention to the fear of being trapped and try to move underneath it, as this tends to flee is typically an avoidant reaction, not something that creates more connection or security. Sevens should also be aware they are not taking advantage of giving Twos, as that is a dynamic very quickly fallen into.

Similarly, Twos should be mindful of their tendency to be overly generous with Sevens; better to turn attention to ensure they are getting their own needs met in situations like that. Twos should also be aware of their tendency to cling in the face of people asserting a boundary or becoming emotionally unavailable, as any sign of neediness will likely send the Seven packing.

How You Can Support One Another

In health, this duo can make a great team, both professionally and personally. Twos and Sevens both possess a natural enthusiasm that is infectious, and together, there is no end to what they can dream up, or what heights they can encourage the other to reach. They will each find much joy in having a friend, partner, or colleague that can keep up with their passion and pursuit of the finer things.

Sevens can support Twos by encouraging them to be kinder and more generous with themselves, not just with others. This could look like encouraging them to buy something special for themselves, treat themselves to a dinner or spa day, or explore a new hobby. On the flip side, Twos can support Sevens to get more in touch with their natural altruism, which can sometimes get lost in the Seven’s fast-paced life.

In reality, Sevens love being generous and giving to others, but they sometimes forget how much: the Two can remind them just how good it feels. Twos can also support Sevens in deepening their emotional awareness and give them a safe space for a more authentic experience. The Seven can inspire the two to be bolder in the pursuit of what makes them happy, and add a more brazen flair to the Twos' already keen sense of adventure.

In A Romantic Context

Romantically, this is a smart match, as both the Two and the Seven will relish in each other’s zest for life, charm, and social graces. The soft heart of the Two will be a welcome home for the deeper, often unexplored aspects of the Seven’s heart, while the brave, outspoken way the Seven moves through the world will inspire the Two to take more risks and go after what they want. There is much potential for mutual support, respect, and lasting care in this couple, as long as neither feels tied down.

Romantically, if a Seven feels unmet or caged in, like their options have been curtailed or their future is predetermined, they will tend to rove. Also, the Two loves to feel adored and appreciated; without, they can become manipulative or passive-aggressive. As long as both parties are respectful of freedom and deeply expressive of their gratitude and appreciation of one another, this duo has the potential to become a stable, happy couple.

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