Enneagram Pairing Type 2 & 9

2 - The Nurturing Advisor

Helper, Giver, Caretaker Nurturer, Advisor, Altruist, Good Samaratian

9 - The Peaceful Mediator

Mediator, Peacekeeper, Diplomat, Pleasant Person, Modest Person, Humble Person, Pacifist


Core Pattern

Twos and Nines share a similar patterning, in that they both tend to lose themselves in a relationship, although for different reasons and in different ways. The Two will lose track of their own needs because of their constant attention on taking care of others’.

Moreover, while expert at understanding emotions in general, and the emotional reactions of those around them, they are not very forthcoming with their own, in part because they never take the time to self-reflect. Nines are also very self-effacing, opting always to merge with the people around them instead of remain centered in the sense of self. Nines core patterning involves understanding all sides of a situation and mediating any dissenting or clashing viewpoints; a position that situates them to lose sight of their perspective very quickly.

Shared Values

At their heart, Nines and Twos both value love, kindness, and connection. They will find these things in each other, they admire these things in themselves, and they search for these things in others.

They also both cherish their home, and want to make sure others feel warmly welcomed in when invited over. Optimism, good-cheer, and acceptance run high amongst this pair.

How You Complement Each Other

Nines and Twos easily compliment each other, in that both are very easy going and tend always to understand where the other is coming from. This makes communication smooth, calm, and uncomplicated, and both people tend to feel understood and taken care of. Neither party feels pressured.

At social events, the easy trust between these two can empower each person to show off their best qualities: they stand out as warm, easy-going, and entirely present. When relating to each other, they can reach almost psychic levels of communication, due to the way they both naturally attend to others before themselves, and their skill at picking up on subtle cues and body language. To others, the Nine-Two pair feels unencumbered by the normal drama of relating.

How You Can Get Into Trouble

Because of their others-first attitudes, this combination gets into trouble when it comes time to make a decision. Neither type is good at knowing what they want, and if they do, neither type wants to be the first to say something. Very quickly this can devolve into stalemates, leaving a lot unsaid, and passive aggression.

In an uncharacteristic change of events, with a Nine, the Two can often become harsh and controlling, taking the flowy Nine nature as an opportunity to impose on someone else finally. In this downward spiral, the Nine will shut down and become passive-aggressive (their primary way of dealing with anger), but then, in true Nine fashion, they will eventually pop, coming at the Two with all they’ve got. Twos do not take well to criticism, and this outburst will often make them feel unappreciated and misunderstood, let alone hurt.

However, it is almost as rare that it will reach this place of emotional intensity between these two, as both shy away from bringing up their needs or discussing their feelings with others. As a result, wounds and insults will remain under the surface and fester. If not dealt with, this relationship can deteriorate in a kind of slow, melting fashion, with every issue remaining unaddressed and all feelings of camaraderie overtaken by unspoken concerns.

What Each Type Needs To Be Aware Of

In this duo, it is good to acknowledge that Nines will often move more slowly and take longer to deliberate than Twos. Also, while Twos will tend to be bolder socially, introducing themselves to others and inviting people to events almost immediately, Nines will practically always hang back and get a feel for the gestalt of an environment.

Be advised, neither Nines or Twos are prone to vocalizing their needs or taking responsibility for getting what they want, so this pair probably won’t hold much power in a business sense. Nines should be aware of their tendency to play the victim in a relationship, while Twos should be aware of how they can manipulate and victimize (in lower level expressions).

How You Can Support One Another

This combination almost has a natural support system built-in, in that both Twos and Nines excel at taking care of others. There will be no love lost between these two when operating at healthy levels. Twos are good at recognizing the potential in others, and they are endlessly supportive of developing that potential in others.

In contrast, Nines are often unaware of their strengths, and they struggle to make sense of who they are. As a result, Twos make the perfect wingman for the Nine’s self-development. For Twos, the non-judgmental, accepting way that Nines deal with stress and volatility is a welcome respite, and their sometimes emotionally overloaded nervous system has a chance to relax and self-regulate.

Both types can use their loving, understanding nature to support the other in showing up more fully in the world, asking for what they need, and setting clear boundaries. That they potentially mirror one another in both successes and struggles with these tasks can be invaluable as each type grows and develops.

In A Romantic Context

Romantically, each partner in this couple feels safe emotionally and physically. Their exchanges feel reciprocal, respectful, and caring. When healthy, their ability to read one another and interpret unspoken communications borders on psychic, which contributes to a naturalness between and around these two. To others, this couple seems to have everything all worked out all the time.

When entertaining, this pair gives off an air of magnanimous generosity and inspired presence. If they fall into an unhealthy pattern, however, this relationship can get sour quickly, although it is unlikely that either partner will say anything about their negative feelings, instead opting to push them under the rug or deny them in an attempt not to be the one who rocks the boat. As warm as these two can seem on the surface is as cold as it can get subtextually.

They also might run into issues with their power dynamic, as neither type feels comfortable taking control of a situation or asserting dominance, and in romance, there typically needs to be someone in charge, even if it switches back and forth. If forced to take charge, the Nine will waffle in making decisions or over-dramatize their role, and the Two could become overly sentimental, or even harmfully dominant.

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