Enneagram Pairing Type 7 & 8

7 - The Entertaining Optimist

Epicure, Visionary, Enthusiast, Jack-of-All-Trades, Adventurer, Innovator, Dilettante

8 - The Protective Challenger

Protector, Alpha Leader, Champion, Maverick, Commander, Negotiator, Boss


Core Pattern

Sevens and Eights are both assertive types, which means they declare their presence and their demands on the world. Both are also independent and strong-willed and have a tendency to resist being controlled or limited. Sevens are optimistic, enthusiastic, and high-energy; Eights are passionate, authoritative, and big.

Shared Values

Although they may not appear to be very similar to their outward appearance or dominant personality traits, Sevens and Eights have many values in common. They both value their independence and freedom above almost everything else, for example. Both types will resist limitation—whether external or internal—with a mighty force and are champions for liberation.

Both also value the pursuit of happiness, and will often dedicate a lot of time and energy to their passions and favorite explorations. They share an appreciation for the present moment and tend to take action when they want something. There is also a shared love of bounty, as both value living the good life and sharing their good fortune generously with the people they care for.

How You Complement Each Other

Both Sevens and Eights are high-energy, vital, and effusive. There is palpable electricity that surrounds these two, and they possess a noticeable and often infectious gusto for life. They are both productive, hard-working, and driven, with Eights bringing more drive and focus, while Sevens bring a sense of possibility and innovation.

They are also both adventurous, with a lust for experiencing all that life has to offer. Each is outspoken, willing, and able to speak up for themselves and each other in almost all environments.

Very infrequently do Sevens or Eights hold themselves back from speaking out when they have an issue, great idea, or strong desire. This can get them into trouble, but can also pave the way for great opportunities, connections, and experiences.

Generally, Sevens balance out Eight’s moodiness and intensity with their light-hearted, fun-loving spirit, and are usually responsible for the pair trying new things and approaching situations with a fresh perspective. Sevens also liven the conversation with their stories, off-the-wall ideas, and creative mental qualities. Sevens are mental types and Eights are instinctual, promoting just enough variation between how these two approach life to keep things novel and interesting.

Eights offer strength and grounding, often tethering the whimsical Seven to a more practical, earthy sense of reality. Additionally, Eights provide decisive, direct energy and a willingness to face difficulties with aplomb and persistence, something Sevens often struggle with due to their “positive vibes only” outlook. Eights are more willing to deal with the muck of life, which brings balance to the Seven/Eight relationships.

How You Can Get Into Trouble

Because passions run high in both Sevens and Eights, it is easy for this pairing to stumble into pitfalls. Because of their outspoken natures, Sevens and Eights can run into problems when they overshare, speak harshly in the heat of the moment, or refuse to listen to one another. Their high-energy nature also means they will constantly need an outlet or many to constructively channel their energy.

Without positive outlets for their phenomenal energies and interests, these two could wind up turning their power on one another or engaging in other destructive releases. Gluttony, hedonism, and indulgence are not unfamiliar territory for either of these two, and they can slip into addiction or recklessness easily.

If Sevens and Eights turn against one another, the adversarial collusion can become mischievously dark and potentially dangerous. The combination of their strong wills, nigh-compulsive autonomy, and insistence on being uncontrollable means that if these two get into any kind of pissing contest, the results could be catastrophic. Each of them will coax the other into greater and greater levels of danger with taunts, power plays, and jibes until there is nowhere left to go and a crash occurs.

They will flaunt the fact that the other cannot gain a foothold in their power over them through more and more daring displays of resistance and defiance. Both types can be extremely selfish and self-involved, certain the world revolves around them and their antics.

This outlook spurs obvious clash, conflict, and competition between them. Eights will use their authoritarian, bullying nature to hold sway, while Sevens will employ their rebelliousness to brazenly insult the Eights. If these two are not careful and their feelings toward one another turn sour, this relationship could end in a lot more than hurt feelings.

What Each Type Needs To Be Aware Of

Eights have exceptional bullshit radars and are also prone to distrusting others. Sevens, with their flighty and grandiose tendencies, can set off Eights’ internal alarm bells, which means the Seven will likely have to work to prove themselves to the Eight. Sevens also have a multidirectional, “cast a wide net” thinking style, which can come across as directionless and ungrounded to the practical, all-or-nothing Eight.

Sevens can come across as manipulative and lacking honesty because of how quickly they flit between ideas, projects, people, and passions. On the flip side, Eights will seem overbearing, controlling, and bossy to the authority-allergic Seven, and when faced with Sevens rebellion, Eights might tighten their grasp instead of granting the Seven their independence. If Eight bears down too hard, Sevens will lose all respect for them and nothing will get done.

Both types need to be aware of their tendency to be selective in what rules they enforce and what rules they follow. Because both Sevens and Eights have a self-absorbed streak, they can adopt the attitude that only certain rules are for them, which could lead to problems in professional teams or projects. In order to avoid misunderstandings, power conflicts, and mini rebellions, these two need to have clear guidelines, boundaries, and expectations.

Both types need to be vigilant in observing their own motivations to ensure conflicts do not arise, because once the fire is lit between these two, it can be hard to put out. Eights will use their self-motivated, decisive energy to forcefully achieve their goals while Sevens will apply their certainty and passion to accumulating many options and leaving as many as possible available at all times. These styles can be conflicting, but also beneficial, if harnessed appropriately and appreciated for what they are.

How You Can Support One Another

Sevens are innovative and highly independent, which means they function best when they have at least a little freedom to alter or improve the projects on which they are working. Eights are more practical and know how they like things to be done. These two can best support each other by giving one another space to take care of business in the way that suits their unique strengths.

That being said, sometimes Sevens need strong boundaries and a clear, grounding presence to tether them to reality—a role Eights fill well. On the other side, Eights can become too obsessed with their way of thinking or doing things, and Sevens can provide the necessary spark to break the limiting cycle.

Generally, Eights should take care of the practicalities of any joint projects or relationship tasks, while Sevens should be responsible for networking and coming up with new ideas. Eights are best supported by others saying exactly what they are thinking: no need to sugar coat or beat around the bush. Additionally, they can often tell when people are lying and it is easy to get on their bad side, so the most supportive thing a person can do when conversing with an Eight tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Sevens also benefit from upfront communication and have an easy-going, story-like talking style. Sevens might need some assistance in staying on task and completing assignments, as they tend to get bored easily and find more excitement in activities they haven’t done yet. Eights can support them by offering encouragement, clear timelines, and project management.

In A Romantic Context

This is an extremely high-energy couple, with a lot of passion both for each other and for experiencing the world, together and separately. There will likely be a good balance of autonomy and togetherness, with each type maintaining their own hobbies, interests, and friends, while also savoring each other’s company.

As a couple, they will delight in the company of like-minded, similarly enthusiastic people, and will likely engage in many exhilarating, exotic, and even luxurious activities. Eights are lusty and physical, while Sevens are pleasure seeking and mentally agile; between the two, there can be an unparalleled physical-mental connection.

They will not only be attracted to one another physically, but there will be a strong intellectual bond. The similarities in their life philosophies will go a long way in bringing these two together. They might struggle with developing any kind of strong emotional connection, however, as Eights tend to guard their hearts and resort to anger before vulnerability, while Sevens repress or deny their deeper feelings in favor of the exciting, novel world happening around them.

When things go wrong between these two, it can become painful if not downright violent. Both types can be verbally insulting and harsh, and neither is afraid of using their words to do damage to others. This couple’s fights can escalate into full-on screaming brawls, and neither type is above making a public scene in the name of winning their argument.

They can even get physically abusive. For any other pairing, this would indicate a good time to settle down or call it quits, but the Seven/Eight couple can become addicted to the excitement, adrenaline, and crazed feeling of their tempestuous love affair, which only stokes their fires. Once they’ve established the thrill of the fight and engaged in the recklessness of dangerously arguing with one another, it can be hard for this couple to moderate or settle down. It is easy for them to push it too far, and what was once a stimulating, fiery, fun connection can turn into a car wreck. The consequences can be tragic.

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