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Gillian Pothier, M.A. is a writer and the founder of Feminine Eros, which is a path and vehicle of Feminine Awakening.

After several years of what may be best described as a mystical thrashing, Gillian now rests in the soul truth of her devotion to the Masculine, in order to best catalyze and serve the journey of Feminine Awakening.

Gillian is here to teach women how to understand, respect and love Men and the Masculine (within and without) so that they may create lusciously devotional yet highly functional partnerships with unapologetically Masculine men. Years of fieldwork with clients from around the world confirm Gillian's belief that devotional love with a Masculine man is one of the innermost, eternal longings of the Feminine heart ~ and is also one of the most primordial access points to her own Awakening journey.

Gillian's writing, podcasts, and live teaching transmissions are often deeply polarizing and activating experiences.

In terms of 'topside world' lineage, she holds a Masters Degree in Depth Psychology from the world-renowned Pacifica Graduate Institute. The archetypal lens of Jungian / Depth psychology, especially in relationship to Masculine and Feminine aspects of the psyche, are a deep and beautiful influence on the way Gillian regards and meets the wholeness of the human Soul.

It is Gillian's joy and greatest service to humanity to mirror and awaken the deeply Feminine-essenced Ones to their true nature as the quintessence of Devotion and Love.


  1. The best place to currently find all of Gillian's writing is on her facebook profile here.

  2. If you’d like to deepen into her field to learn more about Masculine / Feminine energetics, please feel free to join her free Facebook Group called Feminine Eros (sorry men, this is for ladies only.)

  3. She is currently building out the blog on her site, with additional essays being added there each week.

  4. Here are 3 of her fantastically potent essays she selected for me to share with you to begin to feel the frequency of her transmission.


(The one that started it all....her very first essay on Social Media. It went viral and she made her way into my field for the first time and I felt a deep spark and whisper of Soul Remembrance. As a result, I reached out, we became friends and met in person for the first time when I was in Los Angeles about a year later...the rest is history).



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