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Learn about Multidimensional Psychology

In our last post published earlier this week I shared a high-level overview about what you can expect from the next chapter of TrueSelf and a few of our most valuable features on TrueSelf related to illuminating relationship dynamics.

Today, I wanted to share more with you about our Multidimensional Map of Consciousness that charts our work beyond the Enneagram system of personality.

The pithy catchphrase for this map is:

Line Up. Clean Up. Wake Up. Grow Up. Show Up. Blow Up.

The TrueSelf Map of Multidimensional Consciousness

How this map works:

In the spirit of building more dynamic community interaction, we are starting 3 new free Facebook groups:

The TrueSelf Enneagram Group — come ask questions about the Enneagram, learn from experts and peers.

TrueSelf Multidimensional Consciousness — where we will discuss and explore TrueSelf’s cutting-edge research on integrating the best models of consciousness. The Enneagram captures one slice of our egoic and energetic vehicle expresses itself — but the Enneagram is really merely a gateway drug to a vast magical, multidimensional landscape.

The TrueSelf Private Beta Group — a place where we can discuss new designs and features we are working on and source ideas and feedback.

True Wealth is being your True Self,




Discover your True Self

Reveal your hidden gifts and untapped potential. Open your mind to your real-life purpose and secret talents. Release unseen blocks to the hidden abundant life you deserve.

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