TrueSelf is evolving

Remember us? It’s been a while.

This is a quick but important update for you because TrueSelf is emerging in its next life chapter, and there are some exciting new things coming your way.

While our website has been running continuously since we went live in 2019, everything else at TrueSelf was paused at the height of the pandemic last year.

The truth is while our community was growing by many thousands of users a month, our business model of offering various premium Enneagram products and services wasn’t working at the level required.

The vision for TrueSelf has always been to begin with the ‘personality map’ using the model of the Enneagram. Then to expand from that foundation into a multi-dimensional map of psychology and consciousness with a corresponding set of offerings that would guide & support people on the epic journey of fully claiming and embodying their True Self.

Roughly, our Multidimensional Map aligns with the pithy catchphrase:

Line Up. Clean Up. Wake Up. Grow Up. Show up. Blow up.

This is our adaptation from the world of Integral Psychology that I will share more about in an upcoming email and video.

In this next chapter of TrueSelf, we are taking a more direct (and I think, more exciting) route to enacting that larger vision.

The first incarnation of TrueSelf was primarily as a technology company and the work we did to build out the personality test and social network oriented features for groups and teams laid an important foundation for the evolution I’d like to share with you today.

From 2021 and beyond, TrueSelf will be growing into an educational ecosystem where we will be sharing high-quality content, transformational products and services, and comprehensive online courses that are in alignment with the TrueSelf purpose, mission and vision.

I will also be stepping forward more publicly as a leader, guide, teacher and host of the TrueSelf ethos, vision and community.

For those of you who don’t know me yet, my name is Max Marmer and I’m the founder and CEO of TrueSelf.

I recorded a quick video to give you a full rundown of what to expect from this evolution of TrueSelf:

After this new incarnation has been successfully established, we are excited to continue developing our technology tools and platforms.

So in the meantime, if you haven’t visited TrueSelf in a while, I encourage you to check out one of our most useful and interesting features:

The Relationship Profiles Sliders

Here you can explore relationship profiles in detail and discover how all 45 different Enneagram Type Combinations interact with one another.

The Relationship Profiles illuminate your Core Pattern, Shared Values, how you complement one another, how you get into trouble, what you each should be aware of, how you can support one another and significant dynamics you should be aware of if you’re in a romantic context.

To refresh, in our test you came out as the <<TriTypeDescription>>, also known as Enneagram TrueType <<TriType>> with your starring roles as <<StarringRoles>>.

As the global pandemic has had many of us spending a lot more time with just a few close people, understanding the personality dynamics between you and them can help to make your life more easeful, joyful and fulfilling.

We recommend the exercise of reading your Relationship Profile out loud with an important person in your life. I promise, it’ll make for an enlightening conversation!

I look forward to sharing and co-creating the next chapter of TrueSelf with you, <<First Name>>.

To the never ending journey of realizing and embodying more of our True Self, Max

P.S. If you want to learn more about me, here are a few resources you’ll enjoy:

My public Facebook page where I actively write and share multiple times a week:

My personal blog — which I have maintained for over a decade but haven’t updated in 2+ years. (It will likely get an upgrade sometime in 2021.)

Also, you can check out a website on the management science of entrepreneurship that was an outgrowth of the—a company I founded after dropping out of Stanford over a decade ago.

And if you’ve found any of this Startup work interesting, keep an eye out for the book on this subject I will be publishing later this year.

Lastly, I wrote an email update a few weeks ago to my personal email list describing the larger context of my personal journey and my orientation to TrueSelf within my larger life vision, mission and purpose. So if you’re curious to learn more about my personal journey, I’ve posted that email as a blog post that you can find here.

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Max Marmer is a Multidimensional Entrepreneur, Investor, Writer, Coach, Biohacker and Systems Theorist dedicated to supporting and enabling the flourishing of humanity in the 21st century.


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