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Rank the Following Paragraph on scale of 10


The world works best for everyone when rules and traditions are followed. Family values should be honored. Human instincts are best controlled through faith. A good person earns their place in society by working hard. Everyone should pay their dues and respect authority. Slowly but surely people rise up in responsibility and service.

Our world operates on objective scientific laws of cause and effect. The world can be understood, mastered, and utilized to achieve any aim we set our minds to. Laws govern nature, politics, and the economy. This world is based on the survival of the fittest.How much money we earn reflects our value to society. Life is about successfully putting our mark on the world as individuals.

Meaning is found in the richness of human connection and expression. A good world hears and respects all perspectives, cultures, and genders with empathy. This means acknowledging privilege, flattening hierarchy, and emphasizing equity and equality. Humans should live in loving harmony with each other and the planet as a whole

The world is a mosaic of many partial perspectives and levels of reality. Everyone has a piece of the puzzle and completeness grows from everyone's contributions. Healthy systems arise from balanced polarities, such as the Individual and the Collective or the Masculine & the Feminine. Making sense of, and thriving in, a complex world requires having a keen eye for how truths are contextually embedded.

How really do you  believe in Prana, Life Force Energy, Qi, and Chi are all ancient terms for the same thing

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