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The Secret Happiness Hack Masterclass

Loving Yourself and Your Relationships with the Enneagram

Clarify the fastest path to being your best you so you can feel satisfaction and joy again 

Identify and release limiting beliefs and self-sabotage so you can resolve current and future issues

Discover how to identify unhealthy, unhelpful habits and patterns and establish healthy, helpful ones

Implement the 4-step game plan our clients are using to increase their Emotional Intelligence and be happier with themselves and their relationships

Your Unlock Your TrueSelf  Breakthrough Call helps you…

"Todd has helped me understand what motivates and inspires me, and he has helped me understand and have empathy for friends and family in ways that make my relationships more interesting and satisfying."

The Justice Fighter | 8-6-3 SP

Donna R.

What are the results of past "Unlock Your TrueSelf" Breakthrough Calls?

I thought I knew a lot about me and about people, but clearly I was missing something. My Unlock Your TrueSelf call helped me learn about why I’m the way I am and how to manage being me. It's been a game-changer.

– Marcus D.

 I felt like I was just going through the motions. When I had my Unlock Your TrueSelf Call with Todd I had never heard of the Enneagram.  He helped me see what it means that I'm an Enneagram Type 9, and suddenly everything made sense. My husband says I'm like a new person…and honestly, I feel the same way.

–  Carolynn A.

After the first call with Todd, I saw how improving my emotional intelligence with the Enneagram would help me with the people I cared about. I can’t tell you how much happier I am with them, and how they are happier with me too. 

– Bob S.

Who is Todd Payne?

Todd Payne is an Expert Personality and Relationship Coach with more than 20 years of experience guiding and mentoring people in personal and interpersonal development.

Todd helps people dissatisfied with the way their lives and interactions are going to realize their potential and find a path forward.  

If you want to become your best you, but feel like you're banging your head against a wall and nothing’s working…

Todd’s Unlock Your TrueSelf  Program is designed specifically to teach you why you are the way you are and what you can do about it. This program will reveal what’s possible for you and how to make that possibility a reality. You will gain tools to break bad habits and build good ones, as well as to stop having the same friction and fights with the people in your life.

Do you want to master how to respond to people and things that upset you? Do you want to feel less easily triggered?  Are you ready for the people in your life to respond to you in more positive ways?  Are you ready for your daily life to energize rather than drain you?

Book your Unlock Your TrueSelf Breakthrough Call below if you're ready to stop stabbing in the dark, to find the momentum to make and follow through on good choices, and to feel happier and more satisfied.

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