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Hear and Feel Heard.

Connect and Feel Connected.

Be Happier with Yourself and the People in Your Life.

Learn the basics of the Enneagram to increase your self-awareness, emotional responsibility, resilience, and so much more!

Talking used to be easy and spending time together used to be worthwhile.

Now, the same old patterns and habits mean the same get-nowhere conversations or tension between you or worse. You don’t want to lose them from your life, but you can’t go on the way things are.





The Hidden Power of the Enneagram 

You have the power to improve your relationships with the Enneagram and increase your awareness and intentionality in your interactions with the people who matter to you.

Gain insights into how and why others are they way they are, and what you can do about it.

This course will show you how to apply the Enneagram to relationships, so you can understand, communicate, and interact with others in more satisfying ways.

Wag More, Bark Less

Using the Enneagram to get along with others.

The Enneagram and Emotion

In this module, we'll review some basic Enneagram concepts before we explore how to be more aware of our own and other’s emotional states and patterns, as well as strategies to be more intentional in your actions and regulated in your reactions.

The Enneagram and Communication

In the second module, we’ll identify the key components of meaningful, effective communication. Learn to listen, to speak, and to account for other factors when communicating with different Enneagram types.

The Enneagram and Interactions

In module three, we’ll apply the Enneagram to decision making, problem solving, and other interactions with the potential for conflict or disconnection, equipping you with practical tools to help you get along with the people who matter most to you.



Wag More, Bark Less

What you'll get:

  • Practical Tools for Applying the Enneagram to Your Relationships

  • Increase your emotional awareness and intentionality 

  • Improve your communications and interactions

  • Complete Lifetime Access to the Program

  • 4 Modules of Course Content

  • 21 Video Lessons


Using the Enneagram to Get Along with Others

Success Stories

My husband and I hadn't spoken in years really until I took this class. When we learned how to talk and listen to each other in new ways, it felt like when we were young again.

The Justice Fighter | 8-6-3 SP

Angie R.

I can't believe I got a raise. My boss said he couldn’t say what had changed, but I was easier and more fun to work with. Thank you so much.

The Philosopher | 1-6-4 SX

Jose G.

My wife and I didn’t know how to be together anymore after the kids were gone. The tools in this course helped me know what to do to reconnect with her. I’m so glad I took it.

The Mover Shaker | 3-7-8 SO

Rebecca S.

Skip the Hard Part: 
Years of Experience in Just a Couple Hours

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’ve dedicated my entire life to this.

  • I’ve spent 5+ years of formal training in human development

  • Two decades in-the-trenches working with people of many different backgrounds

  • and more than 8 years applying the Enneagram as a coach and facilitator

I’ve worked with people of all types of different backgrounds, made lots of my own mistakes, and helped 100s of people create satisfying, fulfilling relationships.

I’ve learned a lot, but my goal isn’t to overwhelm you with information in this course.

Instead, this course is a distillation of the key concepts I’ve learned over the past 25 years combined with actionable techniques and strategies to help you create thriving and satisfying relationships in every area of your life.
30-Day KonnectFully Guarantee

I’ve put my heart and soul into this course because I believe you deserve to live a life full of happy, healthy, and satisfying relationships. I know the material in this course works… but I also know you can’t know that for sure until you’re inside the course. That’s why you can join now, try out the exercises, watch the videos, and go through the process for 30 days… and if you don’t start seeing improvements in your relationships and how you understand the people in your life, just email me for a complete refund.

More Testimonials

I wish I had this course ten years ago! I am so much less angry and disappointed in people all the time.

The Justice Fighter | 8-6-3 SP

Taylor P.

This was an excellent class! I feel the class was very enlightening and the information is life changing! And the instructor, Todd Payne, was exceptional!

The Mover Shaker | 3-7-8 SO

Sophie M.

This course really changed my relationship with my mom, like night and day.

The Philosopher | 1-6-4 SX

Jim M.

Fantastic Teacher Who had highly organized lectures With great visual presentation. Expert knowledge with no condescension.

The Mover Shaker | 3-7-8 SO

Tammy P.

The entire presentation was seamless. He is well versed in the topic and presents it well. I feel I have grown in heart, mind, and spirit.

The Mover Shaker | 3-7-8 SO

Amy S.

Be ready for some uncomfortable self-awareness as you learn about yourself and others 

The Mover Shaker | 3-7-8 SO

Paul S.

They taught us math, science, and history, but not how to get along with people. We CAN improve our relationships with the people who matter to us using the Enneagram. 

As a coach with decades of experience, Todd Payne is dedicated to helping others relate to each other with awareness and intentionality.

Todd is passionate about facilitating intentional transformation for individuals and organizations through using Enneagram and the science of the brain. He helps his clients clarify their vision, keep focus, be accountable, and stay in the thick of it as they engage in intentional transformation.

Todd Payne

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