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That’s the same result I’ve gotten before on other tests, so it’s valid

Shannon L. - Enneagram Truetype 6–1–3

Describes me perfectly!

Noah F. - Enneagram Truetype 9–6–2

It is exactly describing me even in the areas I wish weren’t true

Payton P. - Enneagram Truetype 8–3–6

Everything was extremely accurate

Stacy F. - Enneagram Truetype 7–9–2

This is totally me.

Melinda W. - Enneagram Truetype 3–8–7

WOW! Made me cry it was so on!!

Shaz Austin D. - Enneagram Truetype 4–8–7

All summaries right on

Rex B. - Enneagram Truetype 8–3–7

sensitivity is explained
need to see life spiritually is important

Randi K. - Enneagram Truetype 4–9–7

I love the use of pictures and words vs words only!!

Michelle P. - Enneagram Truetype 3–7–1

Always the helper, problem solver, mediator

Michelle - Enneagram Truetype 2–9–5

it describes me perfectly

Syed M. - Enneagram Truetype 5–8–3

I have always felt disconnected from the world and my own body. It is interesting that you mention gathering knowledge from a higher force, I do believe that has helped my development.

Anonymous - Enneagram Truetype 5–4–1

It speaks true to me

Sydney F. - Enneagram Truetype 2–9–7

All of it is a soul read!

Shell S. - Enneagram Truetype 9–4–7

Because it is spot on. This is mean in a definition or an explanation.

sonja C. - Enneagram Truetype 4–7–9

To a point, some of the realizations laid out in results of this test were things I've known, have known, or quickly forget. Some of the results are things that have been brought up to me by my therapist. The character traits are spot on and I really liked the "If I'm honest with myself..." phrases. It really made me think about being honest with myself without shame of the truth. Thank you!

Ryder C. - Enneagram Truetype 2–6–1

I knew about my main type (1) and I also knew I was a 1w2 so the 2 wasn't a surprise, but seeing the 6 there and reading how it fits into the other numbers really gives me the full description of my personality and why I behave how I behave. Excellent test!

Romina U. - Enneagram Truetype 1–6–2

Hits home. Ya know ?

Pedro - Enneagram Truetype 7–9–2

Super defined and on point with how i relate to the world and how i carry myself.

Savannah S. - Enneagram Truetype 2–8–7

how come? Everything. I have been studying MBTI for years. and now came to realize there's also another perspective of things other than just studying how we behave cognitively. another angle another view. another epiphany. Thanks. and by the way, the Test was one of the most intuitive tests I ever encountered instead of the single sentences with yes and no response to it. I always found it misleading for many people. Thanks again for offering this.

Mohamed T. - Enneagram Truetype 6–9–4

It’s just dead on.

Mishavonna H. - Enneagram Truetype 5–4–9

I'm currently working on getting into better habits for my coping and things holding me back. Thanks for giving me the affirmation.

Michael N. - Enneagram Truetype 5–9–2

Everything that is said here is things that I have been told to me about me.

Nikolina D. - Enneagram Truetype 9–2–7

exactly what I expected - wauv

Marianne B. - Enneagram Truetype 6–8–3

spot on. hit my fears very insightful

Maureen - Enneagram Truetype 7–9–2

As hard as it was to see how I truly am at times, I cried seeing the truth of it all on the screen, it was needed. I am thankful for 'negatives' as well as the positives because it is going to help me face the truth regarding some core lies that I have believed for far too long about who I really am. I am ready to change what's needed and embrace who I really am - loving myself, faults and all.

Tammy E. - Enneagram Truetype 1–6–4

I am a 6w7 cp - but nice to see my tritype, seems more accurate than 469

Anonymous - Enneagram Truetype 6–9–2

This is a fantastic way of realizing where my drives are

Theresa M. - Enneagram Truetype 9–5–2

Very detailed

Stephanie - Enneagram Truetype 4–5–9

It has depicted exactly who I am

Tim L. - Enneagram Truetype 7–9–3

I don’t know, it was all INCREDIBLY accurate. I’ve been a bit unsure out enneagram because I’ve related to multiple ones and at the same time not related at all to some parts in the general descriptions of simply the 9 types. I’ve never known my Tritype though so with those three together plus the instincts this was surprisingly and impressively accurate. Great job!

Sofia L. - Enneagram Truetype 4–6–9

It’s all exactly true

Sonia J. - Enneagram Truetype 1–5–4

Stop calling me out

Shayna M. - Enneagram Truetype 5–4–9

I don't always resonate with the 8, but felt like I was a social 8. I think this confirms it.

Toru D. - Enneagram Truetype 8–5–3

Asif i was describing myself without bias. Amazing

Sahand Z. - Enneagram Truetype 5–1–4

Very accurate

Samantha T. - Enneagram Truetype 9–7–2

Yep that's me!

Robin H. - Enneagram Truetype 9–7–4


SASHA K. - Enneagram Truetype 8–7–2

It sounds just like me and it is very informative!

Pedro B. - Enneagram Truetype 3–7–9


Rachel D. - Enneagram Truetype 2–9–5

Spot on. Core type subtype

Pamela J. - Enneagram Truetype 4–9–7

Shows the stuff I keep hidden at the least the reason behind why I do what I do

Tracey W. - Enneagram Truetype 9–4–6

Almost every type reflects how I feel about myself.

Nancy H. - Enneagram Truetype 2–9–6

I have studied do the Ennegram for years so actually knew this about myself. I was curious about your test and how it worked.

Nancy E. - Enneagram Truetype 6–9–3

I tried to answer honestly and I felt like this is me

Nicole H. - Enneagram Truetype 9–6–2

This is me in a nutshell

Za S. - Enneagram Truetype 6–9–2


Vanessa B. - Enneagram Truetype 4–5–1

It reflects how I have been in the past, but not how I hope to be in the future.

Nina T. - Enneagram Truetype 1–6–2

Complemented my MBTI type as well, which was very accurate for me.

Maya A. - Enneagram Truetype 4–8–7

It basically sums up my life and exactly how I feel.

Anonymous - Enneagram Truetype 6–9–2

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