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how come? Everything. I have been studying MBTI for years. and now came to realize there's also another perspective of things other than just studying how we behave cognitively. another angle another view. another epiphany. Thanks. and by the way, the Test was one of the most intuitive tests I ever encountered instead of the single sentences with yes and no response to it. I always found it misleading for many people. Thanks again for offering this.

Mohamed T. - Enneagram Truetype 6–9–4

I feel so understand because knows my tri types helps me see the parts of me I knew where there but didn’t know how to express with only my single 4 type!

Hannah C. - Enneagram Truetype 4–7–1

Everything that is said here is things that I have been told to me about me.

Nikolina D. - Enneagram Truetype 9–2–7

The descriptions are totally on-point

Jordan B. - Enneagram Truetype 4–9–7

I am a 7 through and through

Ciara M. - Enneagram Truetype 7–9–2

Some scary truths!

Anonymous - Enneagram Truetype 2–7–1

Because I answered the questions honestly. And the explanations were satisfactory, not too much or too little.

Ave M. - Enneagram Truetype 5–4–1

I don't always resonate with the 8, but felt like I was a social 8. I think this confirms it.

Carolyn N. - Enneagram Truetype 8–5–3

I suspected I was a 5-4-9 but the 5-4-1 makes more sense because I am less agreeable than the 9 and I think the 1 is that part of me that is more outward looking.

Joel M. - Enneagram Truetype 5–4–1

Shows the stuff I keep hidden at the least the reason behind why I do what I do

Tracey W. - Enneagram Truetype 9–4–6

Great job,loved the thorough profile

Jeff M. - Enneagram Truetype 1–5–3

This test is so accurate and it comes to me at a time when I am really struggling with self love and getting to know myself. I am grateful.

Mia - Enneagram Truetype 2, 9, 7

Accurate to the point of self-insult

Zachariah H. - Enneagram Truetype 8–6–3

I am a counselor by trade and help others often.

Jacki R. - Enneagram Truetype 2–8–6

Fits my profile to a T

Leslie S. - Enneagram Truetype 9–2–7

I don’t know, it was all INCREDIBLY accurate. I’ve been a bit unsure out enneagram because I’ve related to multiple ones and at the same time not related at all to some parts in the general descriptions of simply the 9 types. I’ve never known my Tritype though so with those three together plus the instincts this was surprisingly and impressively accurate. Great job!

Sofia L. - Enneagram Truetype 4–6–9

WOW! Made me cry it was so on!!

Shaz Austin D. - Enneagram Truetype 4–8–7

I realized a couple things that were totally true though those thoughts/feelings were put into the shadows. Everything, EVERYTHING was spot on. My mind had been blown. I will be sharing this with everyone. This I think may help me better myself!

Dalton B. - Enneagram Truetype 8–6–3

Always the helper, problem solver, mediator

Michelle - Enneagram Truetype 2–9–5

Describes me perfectly!

Noah F. - Enneagram Truetype 9–6–2

all of these qualities describe me very well!

Deb R. - Enneagram Truetype 1–7–4

Complemented my MBTI type as well, which was very accurate for me.

Maya A. - Enneagram Truetype 4–8–7

Read me like a book.

Alicia M. - Enneagram Truetype 4–9–7

It describing everything I feel or do in certain situations and what I want.

Agali - Enneagram Truetype 7–9–3

ive been into enneagram for 2 years now!! I know my identification and this is exactly how I identify

Justyne B. - Enneagram Truetype 7–3–8

All of it is a soul read!

Shell S. - Enneagram Truetype 9–4–7

My profile is described 100% accurately. I am amazed at the skills in describing me so well. It also gives me more confidence to continue with my skills in writing poetry which lots of people like. I will definitely try to get them published.

Angela C. - Enneagram Truetype 2-9-6

It’s true

Eliel D. - Enneagram Truetype 6–8–3

I can see all these things in my life and attitude. Basically a report on who I am.

Benjamin E. - Enneagram Truetype 5–4–8

I tried to answer honestly and I felt like this is me

Nicole H. - Enneagram Truetype 9–6–2

It not only looks at my strengths but my weaknesses as well. Not only my primaries but my secondaries. It’s quite revealing and honest.

Katherine W. - Enneagram Truetype 4–9–7


SASHA K. - Enneagram Truetype 8–7–2

Super defined and on point with how i relate to the world and how i carry myself.

Savannah S. - Enneagram Truetype 2–8–7

sensitivity is explained
need to see life spiritually is important

Randi K. - Enneagram Truetype 4–9–7

I took this very test before while undergoing some tumultuous moments in my life at that time. This time, much more on point.

Ingrid B. - Enneagram Truetype 5–8–3

Yep that's me!

Robin H. - Enneagram Truetype 9–7–4

I definitely fit this Type configuration

David G. - Enneagram Truetype 7–9–2

So true to me

Deanna R. - Enneagram Truetype 2–1–7

That's pretty accurate.

Chuck N. - Enneagram Truetype 3–8–6

It's very accurate.

Laura C. - Enneagram Truetype 1–6–3

It’s all exactly true

Sonia J. - Enneagram Truetype 1–5–4

It reflects how I have been in the past, but not how I hope to be in the future.

Nina T. - Enneagram Truetype 1–6–2

I love the use of pictures and words vs words only!!

Michelle P. - Enneagram Truetype 3–7–1

It’s just dead on.

Mishavonna H. - Enneagram Truetype 5–4–9

It gave me a chance to write out my own answers and I find it very reasonable and relatable.

Astoria R. - Enneagram Truetype 4–1–7

So on point!!!

Krista K. - Enneagram Truetype 9–4–6

I see so much of myself in these descriptions. At one point finding that I wanted a certain aspect of my personality to be justified, and the next sentence being just that. Love it!

Jackie J. - Enneagram Truetype 9–6–3

Is exactly how I experience my self now ... although I believe my tritype is 269 instead of 296.

Elke V. - Enneagram Truetype 2–9–6

Exactly me!

Codi L. - Enneagram Truetype 4–8–7

Great feedback

lloyd M. - Enneagram Truetype 5–4–9

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