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After spending over two decades
guiding and mentoring people in
personal transformation,
Todd Payne has discovered
the fastest and simplest way
to unlock your potential.

And more importantly, he has developed a proven, sustainable
way for you resolve feeling frustrated, disappointed, or stuck.

What if I told you there was a better way?


Feeling disconnected from
people that used to be life


Revitalize relationships with the people who matter most to you


Wondering why getting along with some people is so hard


Gain the tools to tolerate, work with, and even get along with anyone


Struggling with a sense of well being, self-esteem, or frustration with others


Feel confident and content with yourself and others


Performing inconsistently or undesirably at work, home, or play


Understand your pitfalls and patterns to improve performance


Challenges accomplishing, or even naming, your goals
personally and professionally


Clearly articulate your goals and create a sustainable road to achieve them


Confusion as to why
relationships and interactions keep not working out


Learn to find a partner that fits and how to build a healthy relationship from the start


Unlock Your TrueSelf  Breakthrough Session

Your Unlock Your TrueSelf Breakthrough Call helps you…

  • Clarify the fastest path to being your best you so you can feel satisfaction and joy again 

  • Identify and release limiting beliefs and self-sabotage so you can resolve current and future issues

  • Discover how to release unhealthy, unhelpful habits and patterns and establish healthy, helpful ones

  • Implement the 4-step proven game plan clients are using to increase their Emotional Intelligence and be happier with themselves and their relationships

The work I did with Todd helped give me the courage
to step into asking for what I need and want.
He skillfully supported me and gave me new tools and strategies.
I have already made significant progress and changes
in my life for the better.

The Motivated Systems Builder | 3-7-1 SP

Jessica C.

Does this sound like you?

  • Feeling frustrated with or stuck in your life

  • Tired of seeing glimpses of your best self, but not consistently being that person

  • Experiencing friction and conflicts in relationships

  • Feeling misunderstood and unappreciated

  • Desiring deeper connections

  • Sick of talk therapy without resolution

Success Stories

Todd has mastered teaching the Enneagram in a way that is easy to understand and apply. I fully trust him as a life coach and look forward to working with him again.

The Loyal Good Samaritan

6-2-9 SP

Elise B.

Todd helped me transform one of the toughest years of my life into a period of personal growth and progress. His coaching provided me with concrete ways and practices to live a better life.

The Moralistic Teacher

1-7-2 SX

Zoya V.

I keep pinching myself to make sure this is all real. Todd gave me the confidence to step forward with assurance. I kinda wish I had some more issues to work through so that we could continue our sessions.

The Harmonizing Gentle Spirit

9-4-7 SO

Mike W.

Todd has helped me understand what motivates and inspires me,
and he has helped me understand and have empathy for friends and family in ways that make my relationships more interesting and satisfying.

The Justice Fighter

8-6-3 SP

Donna R.

Todd is an excellent coach. Instead of having the enneagram define people,he helps us see how differently we see the world, and it helps me have greater understanding and empathy for others

The Romantic Philosopher

4-6-1 SP

Mary D.

The benefits I have gained from Todd have included a deeper understanding of my personality type and how I am wired to react to certain things, but more importantly, he gave me the tools  to help me when I am dealing with difficult situations

The Investigative Researcher

5-4-1 SO

Stephen B.




Personal Satisfaction

Todd Payne is committed to help folks become unstuck, to reach their full potential, and to feel happier.


After decades of coaching, he's found the way to help people understand themselves better and to connect authentically with those who matter most.

Todd is passionate about facilitating intentional transformation for individuals and couples through using Enneagram and the science of the brain. He helps his clients clarify their vision, keep focus, be accountable, and stay in the thick of it as they engage in intentional transformation.

Todd Payne
Expert Personality and Relationship Coach


Unlock the Potential
of your TrueSelf

with Personality Expert 
Todd Payne

"Life-changing sounds cliché...I Feel Like I Found Life"

"A Different Way...That Really Has Been Helpful"

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