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For People Feeling Unfulfilled or Disconnected in Their Romantic Relationship

Free relationship breakthrough call reveals how to rediscover your partner, yourself, and the magic between you.

Your Relationship Breakthrough Call helps you…

Clarify the fastest path to feeling more connected to your partner and feel joy in your relationship 

Identify and release limiting beliefs and self-sabotage so you can resolve current and future issues between you

Discover how to identify unhealthy, unhelpful habits and patterns and establish healthy, helpful ones

Implement the 4-step game plan our clients are using to save their relationships while feeling seen, valued, and loved for who they are

"Todd has helped me understand what motivates and inspires me, and he has helped me understand and have empathy for friends and family in ways that make my relationships more interesting and satisfying."

The Justice Fighter | 8-6-3 SP

Donna R.

What are the results of past Relationship Breakthrough Calls?

“I wanted to thank you for the work we did together. My husband and I hadn’t really connected in years.  Now we remember why we fell in love in the first place, and we have helpful ways to deal with each other no matter what we’re facing.”

– Anita W.

“When I began working with Todd I was confusing a functioning relationship with a healthy one.  He did more than give me tools to deal with pain and conflict, he helped me uncover and resolve our issues where they began.”

–  Jenny C.

“I feel closer to my wife than I have in forever thanks to seeing where we were missing each other and how to find each other again.  I don’t feel alone in my relationship anymore.  Now we’ve stopped the downward spiral and spend quality time together again.”

– Mark K

Who is Todd Payne?

Todd Payne is a Relationship Coach with more than 20 years of experience guiding and mentoring people in challenging relationships. 

Todd helps individuals and couples who feel disconnected and unfulfilled rediscover each other and the magic between them with a proven process to identify and undo unhealthy habits, and to improve empathy, communication, and connection while lessening conflict and the feeling that needs aren’t being met.

If you want to make your relationship work, but feel like you're banging your head against a wall and nothing’s working…


Todd’s Relationship Renewal Program is designed specifically to teach you how to understand why you keep missing each other and having the same fights, build beyond the connection you once had, and rekindle the magic feeling of mattering to and enjoying being with your partner.


Know this, too:  it does NOT take two to tango.  If you’ve struggled to get your partner to work on your relationship with you, or even to acknowledge there is a problem, or if traditional counseling hasn’t worked, that’s okay.  The Relationship Renewal Program provides practical ways to improve your interactions that you put to work renewing your romance.


Book your Relationship Breakthrough Call below if you're ready to stop drifting apart or spiraling away from your partner without stabbing in the dark to find what works.

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