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Unlock Your True Potential at Work

Apply the insights of your TrueSelf Profile and learn how to 

✔︎ Generate wealth 

✔︎ Negotiate from your strengths

✔︎ Forge a career or entrepreneurial path through life

TrueSelf Workplace Profile gives you the tools to do just that. 

➜ Avoid sleepless nights worrying if you’re on the right track

➜ Prevent wasted emotional energy spent managing conflicts

➜ Stop losing time and opportunity on things that are not really your strength

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In a way that feels effortless, aligned and avoids conflict.

No more frustrating workplace disagreements,
discover your unique workplace blueprint

This sets you ahead of most people due to your enhanced self awareness and understanding of your aligned path with life. 


But what about your Work?


How do you make money, generate wealth and find the right career or entrepreneurial path for You?


Instead, place your attention completely on the things that give the greatest reward, and naturally feel easy because they are aligned with your True Self.


You will understand

  • How to effectively manage your time

  • When to take charge, and when to outsource

  • How to manage yourself and other people

  • Your verbal, non-verbal and hidden communication styles

And much more.


Avoid the blind spots, pitfalls and hidden traps which may lie in wait as you navigate the path of wealth creation, and align yourself with your unique path of wealth creation.

Imagine knowing exactly how to be your best self at work!


"Since I started using the TrueSelf Enneagram Workplace Profile, my professional life has dramatically improved. It was like someone handed me the secret manual to my own working style! I now understand how I make decisions best, how I effectively communicate, and how I can efficiently manage my time, all tailored specifically to my unique personality. I've been more productive, less stressed, and I've found a new love for my work. This tool is an absolute game-changer for anyone who wants to supercharge their career success. Worth every penny!"

The Motivated Taskmaster| 3-6-1 SP

Lisa J., Software Developer, Boston

I used to struggle with my productivity at work, constantly feeling like I was running against time and not living up to my potential. When I discovered the TrueSelf Enneagram Workplace Profile, everything changed. It gave me an unparalleled insight into my work habits and offered actionable solutions to enhance my performance. Since then, I've not only become more effective in my role, but I also enjoy my work more. It's like I found the 'user manual' to my professional self. For anyone who feels stuck or overwhelmed in their career, this is your ticket to a more fulfilling work experience.

The Harmonizing Gentle Spirit | 9-4-7 SO

Mark S., Marketing Manager, Seattle

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60 Days Money Back

We believe you will find so much insight and value in your full TrueSelf profile that we are willing to give you a full refund for 60 days if you're unhappy with what you have received in your profile. No questions asked!


Workplace Profile Preview

Working with Others

You are energetic, upbeat, creative with a playful sense of humor which is enjoyable to others. Highly expressive, you tend to communicate with passionate enthusiasm that is contagious. You are a true visionary that loves to brainstorm ideas to explore all possible options.

Tips for Relating to Others

Notice your pace compared to others’. Likely you’d benefit from slowing down. If you have a problem, talk about it without sugar coating it. People don’t need the silver lining. You can become sidetracked easily in an effort to keep things interesting for you.

How You Make Decisions

Making decisions is easy for you, but so is changing your mind. You rarely commit to a decision wholeheartedly. Bigger decisions can be hard, because it can feel like there’s no way out. You’ll always be looking to make choices that have a back-up option in case you change your mind

Many Insightful Chapters

  • Working with Others

  • Ideal Environment

  • Typical Challenges

  • Taking Guidance

  • Leadership Style​

  • Tips for Relating to Others

  • Tips for Others When Relating with You

  • Focus in the Workplace

  • Potential Pitfalls

  • How Others Can Support You

  • Relationship to Time Management

  • How You Make Decisions

  • Verbal Communication Style

  • Nonverbal Communication Style

  • Hidden Communication Style

  • Habitual


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