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The Secret Blueprint to Incredible Relationships

Apply the insights of your TrueSelf Profile and learn how to

✔︎ Deeply understand your partner

✔︎ Grow trust and confidence in your business relationships

✔︎ Watch your friendships flourish

➜ Shift disagreements before they begin

➜ Swiftly resolve conflict

➜ Build trust and connection

100% money-back guarantee for 60 days

The TrueSelf Relationship Profile reveals the hidden dynamics between you and another person.

TrueSelf Enneagram profiles aren’t just a tool to help you understand yourself.

TrueSelf Relationship Compatibility Profiles will reveal the exact personality dynamics between you and your significant other, a family member, work colleague or friend.


Discover hidden patterns that massively influence the most important relationships in your life.


Learn how to effortlessly avoid potential conflict and create a relationship of amazing mutual support.


Picture yourself unraveling the mystifying intricacies of your relationships:

- Understand your family loved ones on an unparalleled level

- Grow your business relationships to new heights

- Watch your friendships flourish

And communicate in a way that brings out the best in all of you.


Sounds ideal, right?


It's not easy to reach such levels of understanding and connection without clear guidance. But what if we told you you're only one step away from changing this into reality?​

Time To Kiss Your
Relationship Problems Goodbye!

This is not just another tool to comprehend yourself better. 

It's your roadmap to comprehend, connect, and cultivate fulfilling relationships.


Whether you're navigating through the thrilling early stages of a budding romance, seeking deeper bonds with your lifelong partner, or desiring a more harmonious relationship with your family or colleagues, the TrueSelf Relationship Profile is your compass.

For just $9.99, you're not only purchasing a tool, you're investing in your relationships, your happiness, and a profound understanding of yourself and those around you.


Dive into the depths of your personalities, unearth hidden dynamics, and discover how to unlock the ultimate potential of your relationships.

Are you ready to deepen your connections and enhance your relationships in ways you've never imagined?


I want to improve my relationships NOW


Unlock the secrets that lie beneath the surface and experience the magic that unfolds. After all, when you truly know yourself and those you love, everything changes. Your new relationship story starts here.

What You’ll Get

  • One of the most comprehensive relationship compatibility profiles in the world.

  • Deep insight into a new or existing relationship, so you can take out the guesswork.

  • Know how you’re similar, how you’re different and what you need to be aware of.

  • A deeper understanding of the other, and what is going on ‘under the surface’.

  • Work together better, and how you can support and ‘complement’ each other.

  • Know exactly how to best communicate with each other, so you don’t misunderstand.

  • Easily avoid ‘silly fights’ by knowing exactly where conflict could arise before it happens.

With the TrueSelf Relationship Profile, you’re guaranteed to find amazing insights on how to create an even better relationship with anyone.

Welcome to the TrueSelf Enneagram Relationship Compatibility Profiles!


"When I first came across this site...I thought it was just another personality test. But boy, was I wrong! This tool gave me a profound insight into my relationship with my partner. Suddenly, all those trivial arguments, those misunderstood actions, made complete sense. It's like a light got switched on, and we could finally see each other in a way we never had before. We discovered a deeper level of understanding, communication, and love. It's been nothing short of a miracle for us. And all this for just $9.99! It's truly priceless compared to the value it has added to our relationship. Thank you, TrueSelf, for offering such an impactful tool."

The Motivated Taskmaster| 3-6-1 SP

Lisa J., Software Developer, Boston

"I've always been a skeptic of personality tests, but the TrueSelf Enneagram Compatibility Profile completely changed my perspective. I decided to give it a shot with my siblings, and the results were astounding! It's been an incredible journey of understanding the different dynamics at play, learning about our different personality types, and working towards a harmonious relationship. It's like we've been given a handbook to understand each other better. Our bond has strengthened and we've learned to appreciate our differences instead of letting them cause friction. This tool is truly worth every penny!"

The Harmonizing Gentle Spirit | 9-4-7 SO

Mark S., Marketing Manager, Seattle

Here’s how it works:

  • Take advantage of our special offer today

  • Invite a friend, partner, college or family member

  • They will complete their own TrueSelf Personality Test

  • You will both receive the TrueSelf Relationship Profile

YES! I want to take advantage of this ~70% discount on my first TrueSelf Relationship Profile.

Today Only Just

100% money-back guarantee for 60 days

No thanks, I don't need to get the best out of any relationship.


Lifetime Updates

We are regularly adding to and improving the full TrueSelf Personality Profiles. Any content we add to the profile in the future you will receive for free.

60 Days Money Back

We believe you will find so much insight and value in your full TrueSelf profile that we are willing to give you a full refund for 60 days if you're unhappy with what you have received in your profile. No questions asked!


Relationship Profile Preview

Core Pattern

Seven is part of the Head Triad, also called the Thinking Triad. Sevens are mental, bright, quick witted, gregarious, and resilient. They are typically very lively and possess a contagious optimism. 

How You Compliment Each Other

To one another, Sevens bring a sense of resilience and buoyancy: they can be the wind in each other's sails, full of encouragement and acknowledgment for one another. And while Sevens typically love socializing, and often have a full social calendar, they also deeply treasure their freedom.

How You Can Support One Another

These two will best support each other by being vocal cheerleaders for each other’s dreams and aspirations while holding each other’s feet to the fire and making sure tasks are accomplished (not just talked about). Almost nothing is as encouraging as the enthusiastic support of a Seven, ...

Many Insightful Chapters

  • Core Pattern

  • Shared Values

  • How You Compliment Each Other

  • How You Can Get Into Trouble

  • What Each Type Needs To Be Aware Of

  • How You Can Support One Another

  • In a Romantic Context


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