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Enneagram Type 2 - The Helpful Supporter

Enneagram Type 2 Overview - The Nurturing Advisor - TrueSelf

Helper, Giver, Caretaker Nurturer, Advisor, Altruist, Good Samaritan

Worldview of the Type 2


You are a thoughtful, generous, warm-hearted person that strives for connection and being a helpful and personal. You love to anticipate, read and respond to the needs and concerns of others, often being of great service.

On occasion, when your own needs go unmet, you can feel unappreciated and become exhausted, depleted, and resentful. Your keys to growth include recognizing and balancing your own needs with those of others, and seeing what is truly “needed” in the present moment.

What You Are Great At

  • Making people feel included in a cohesive, supportive group or team.

  • Willingness to go beyond mere empathy and actively assist those in need.

  • Cheerleaders and appreciators of people.

  • Being sympathetic and conveying genuine and selfless care.

  • Anticipating others’ needs – sometimes even before they do!

  • Generously giving to others and serving them in times of need.

  • Putting your own needs to the side for the greater good.

  • Comforting others and staying positive when others feel down.

  • Flattering others and winning them over.

  • Helping people feel at ease due to your charming, friendly nature.

  • Working hard for the team (sometimes at great sacrifice to yourself).

  • Engaging others in worthy causes or projects with your enthusiasm.

Core Wiring

You want to be appealing, giving, caring, and heartfelt; but most importantly, you want to feel needed. You want people to consider you important and appreciate your efforts.

You naturally pay attention to the needs and concerns of others and are ready to lend a helping hand. Under stress, you may have problems with pride, find it difficult to ask for help, and become manipulative to get attention or have your needs met. At your best, you are an empathetic, altruistic people-person that sees, intuits, and tends to others' needs.

What Drives You

You are driven to create interpersonal relationships and are motivated by a desire to be needed. By meeting others’ needs, you may secretly hope that your own needs will be met.

By taking care of others, you may desire at some level to be taken care of. You long to be loved and appreciated for who you are, to be wanted by others, and to express yourself in relationships.

Inner World of the Type 2

Core Fears

Your core fears are of being inherently worthless, inconsequential, irrelevant, or unwanted by others. You may also fear being rejected, not being needed, not having a role with others, being ignored, useless, or left out. Stemming from these core fears, you may fear that actually having any needs of your own may cause people to leave.

Core Desires

To be needed, wanted, connected, appreciated, and worthy of attention.

Core Needs

You need approval, recognition, and admiration. Most importantly, you want to be seen as a 'special' friend.

You go out of your way to notice what others need, and others' expressions of appreciation are your greatest motivators. Sometimes, you are so focused on others that you don't pay attention to your own unmet needs and feelings. You may feel that to have your needs met, you must first meet other's needs.

Core Beliefs

People depend on my help. It's better to give than to receive. My own needs are not as important. If I take care of you, you will take care of me.


  • Being the “wind beneath others’ wings”.

  • Relationships, closeness, and romance.

  • Being needed.

  • Being a supportive friend and coworker.

  • Making others feel good about themselves.

  • Being on a cohesive team.

  • Love, connection and harmony with others.

  • To be seen as enthusiastic, vivacious and cheerful.

  • Being seen as friendly, caring and personable.

  • Being seen as thoughtful and considerate.

  • Giving others thoughtful gifts.

  • Being the special one.


  • Solitude and impersonal dealings.

  • Cold, insensitive people.

  • Disconnection or separation from others.

  • Feeling disapproved of, rejected, or unappreciated.

  • Feeling needy.

  • Feeling overwhelmed, over-taxed.

  • Feeling obsolete or not needed.

  • Not feeling welcomed.

  • Feeling shut out when another person is suffering.

  • Not having a special role.

  • Not feeling “tuned in” to others.

  • Having others suddenly turn away, go cold, or stop communicating.

Outer World of the Type 2


You attend to and please others so they will appreciate and care for you. You often give even when you're empty or suffering. You repress you own needs to serve others.

Impact of Strategies

People who are important to you pay attention to you and appreciate how valuable and helpful you are.

What's Great About You

You are warm, welcoming, and establish rapport easily with others. You are emotionally demonstrative, attuned to the needs of others, and happy to be of service.t.

Attention goes to...

Your attention goes outward toward being helpful, flattering others, meeting people’s needs and finding someone who can meet your needs. You may be unaware of how much time and energy you spend giving until you feel sad that others are not able to do the same for you.

Famous Type 2 Nurturing Advisors

Alma Mahler, Barbara de Angelis, Barbara Bush, Barbara Walters, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Hicks, Celine Dion, Danielle Steel, Diane Ladd, Drew Barrymore, Erica Jong, Eva Peron, Fairy Godmother, Florence Nightingale, Gal Gadot, Glenn Close, Imelda Marcos, Jacinda Ardern, Jennifer Tilly, Jessica Chastain, Kathie Lee Gifford, Kirsten Dunst, Kristen Bell, Leona Helmsley, Lesley Ann Warren, Marge Simpson, Margot Robbie, Mariah Carey, Melanie Griffith, Mia Farrow, Monica Lewinsky, Mother Teresa, Nancy Reagan, Nicole Scherzinger, Olivia Rodrigo, Paula Abdul, Saoirse Ronan, Sarah Palin, Snow White, Sofía Vergara, Susan Lucci, Suze Orman, Tammy Faye Bakker, Virginia Satir, Wendy Darling (Peter Pan), Whitney Houston, Wonder Woman.

Alan Alda, Bill Cosby, Brigitte Bardot, Bono, Casanova, Clark Kent “Superman”, Danny Glover, Desmond Tutu, Hagrid, Harry Belafonte, Henry Cavill, James Lipton, Jerry Lewis, Jimmy Carter, John Denver, John Douglas, John Lithgow, John Travolta, Jude Law, Lionel Ritchie, Leo Buscaglia, Liberace, Louis Armstrong, Luther Vandross, Merlin Olsen, Marlo Thomas, Pope Francis, Prince Charming, Richard Simmons, Richard Thomas, Roosevelt Grier, Sai Baba, Stevie Wonder, Terry Crews, Usher.


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