Enneagram Type 7 - The Entertaining Optimist

Epicure, Visionary, Enthusiast, Jack-of-All-Trades, Adventurer, Innovator, Dilettante

Worldview of the Type 7


You are an upbeat, spontaneous, and energetic person that strives for stimulation by focusing on what is new, novel and exciting. You are eternally optimistic about life’s possibilities. Your creative problem solving skills can make you a grand visionary, breakthrough inventor and inspiring leader.

Your potential problems of focusing and following through with the details of execution can limit your effectiveness in your work and with your team. Your keys to growth include opening to pain and negativity (and the information they provide), and ceasing the spinning of pleasurable future possibilities-- in order to find satisfaction in the present moment.

What You Are Great At

  • Being optimistic in difficult situations.

  • Looking on the bright side and seeing the best in people.

  • Being adventurous, enthusiastic and fun-seeking.

  • Accepting life as inherently fluid and changing.

  • Having an inventive, imaginative and creative mind.

  • Seeing possibility and opportunity even after apparent setbacks.

  • Inspiring others with big ideas and grand plans for the future.

  • Charming others and winning them over with playful teasing.

  • Being a jack of all trades and being self-confident, competent, and willing to try anything.

  • Letting go of the past and forgiving yourself and others.

  • Considering multiple options rather than just one course of action.

  • Synthesizing diverse and complex concepts and systems.

Core Wiring

You want to be fascinating, optimistic, stimulated, and enthusiastic; but most importantly, you want to be creative, positive, and excited. You see yourself as fun-loving, and are naturally upbeat. You see possibilities that others miss.

You may have problems with gluttony, always aiming for the bigger, better deal. Under stress, you may be scattered, overly happy, jaded or greedy. At your best, you are inspirational, visionary, playful, loving and joyful.

What Drives You

Driven by the need to have pleasurable, exciting experiences and to avoid being trapped in negativity, pain and deprivation, you crave satisfaction and contentment in life. Not wanting to be limited, restricted or left out, you seek excitement, diversity, freedom, positive energy, and stimulating engagement.

Inner World of the Type 7

Core Fears

Your core fear is of feeling emotional pain when deprived, trapped, limited, criticized, or when you miss out in a world full of abundance and exciting possibilities. Being disappointed, or being disappointing to others can trigger the crushing experience of being trapped in emotional pain without end and may cause you to prematurely exit situations before gaining the lessons and wisdom that emotional distress can offer.

Your core fear of being stuck in pain can also be expressed as avoidance of negative emotions or anything that limits your freedom. You may fear not having what you want in life, being bored, or missing out on something pleasurable.

Core Desires

To be happy, excited, satisfied, and fulfilled so you can follow your fascinations and your heart's desires.

Core Needs

You need self-confidence, options, and the opportunity to be positive and optimistic. Because you are always on the lookout for the BBD (bigger, better deal), you need flexible, fluid plans.

If you have open-ended plans, you can go with the flow. Flexibility gives you the option to change your mind at the last minute.

Core Beliefs

The world is full of exciting options, concepts, experiences, and possibilities. Life is too short to get stuck in bad situations or to put up with limitations. There's always a silver lining on every cloud.


  • Freedom!.

  • Having lots of options and possibilities.

  • Planning for a pleasurable future.

  • Passionate pursuit of a meaningful vision.

  • Creativity & Imagination.

  • What is new novel and interesting.

  • Exciting ideas, plans adventures.

  • What is fun, unusual and collectable.

  • Funny people and situations.

  • Colorful and creative art with a sense of humor.

  • Stimulating ideas.

  • Happy encounters with upbeat, positive and interesting people.


  • Being Criticized (especially if it is a surprise).

  • Being bored.

  • Being trapped (especially in a painful situation).

  • Being limited or confined.

  • Being told what to do.

  • Negative and complaining people.

  • Being thought of as flakey and uncommitted.

  • Unwanted realities.

  • Routines.

  • Demanding encounters.

  • Being trapped in emotional pain.

  • Following up on the details.

Outer World of the Type 7


You charm, disarm, and rationalize. You deflect and turn lemons into lemonade. You imagine a brighter future and focus on the possibility of future or imminent fulfillment.

Impact of Strategies

You feel free of restraints, uninhibited, and able follow your excitement. You feel like you can have everything that is of interest to you.

What's Great About You

You are creative, innovative, entertaining, interesting, and infectiously optimistic. You quickly synthesize ideas, reframe problems, and adapt to changing environments.

Attention goes to...

Sevens’ attention goes to a positive future, planning, their imagination and multiple options. Sevens can become paralyzed by options because they are afraid of missing out. They may feel like a child running down the aisles of a toy store who is fearful of choosing one toy and missing out on the rest.

Operating System of the Type 7

At Your Best

You are fun-loving, creative, adventurous, and inspiring person who focuses on the bright side in any given situation--even when faced with apparent negativity or obstacles. You easily reframe challenges into opportunities, and adapt to changing circumstances. Your quick mind readily comprehends the big picture, synthesizes concepts, and generates new ideas and ingenious solutions to complex problems.

Forward thinking and futuristic in orientation, you are great at innovating, planning, and goal setting. You see the world as full of exciting possibilities and want to taste everything life has to offer. Your open mind, ability to multitask, positive focus and multidimensional thinking can make you a great asset to any team in the areas of inspiration, shared vision and purpose, clear and meaningful goals, and continuous learning.

Under Stress

When your focus is so resolutely set on seeking pleasure and avoiding pain you tend to avoid unpleasant feelings by spinning positive ideas or planning for good times ahead. Your natural desire to multi-task can cause your attention to become scattered in too many different directions rather than being focused and directed. Your love of life in all its shapes, sizes, shapes and forms can express itself as “fear of missing out” and endlessly seeking more and more of everything that is of interest to you.

If dissatisfaction or boredom set in, you might go looking for a bigger, better deal, or new opportunity rather than working with what is already available. Because you desire to keep your options open, it may be difficult for you to stop expanding your vision, set limits and complete the task at hand in the time allotted. You struggle with making long-term commitments and tolerating anything repetitious or mundane.

Your positive front and happy face can mask fears of facing emptiness and pain. Seeking new experiences can reinforce a sense of being unfulfilled, and a cycle of wanting and emptiness ensues. if you “move on” too quickly or overlook other people’s needs while meeting your own they can feel unmet, unimportant or left behind.

What Holds You Back