Enneagram Type 6 - The Loyal Guardian

Loyal Skeptic, Trooper, Trouble Shooter, Defender, Guardian, Questioner, Devil's Advocate

Worldview of the Type 6


You are a conscientious, loyal, and dependable person who strives for certainty and security in a world that can be unsafe and unpredictable. You are cautious and have a knack for knowing who can be trusted. You seek reliable authorities, trusted friends, credible systems of reference, and valued traditions.

Friendly and playful, you enjoy camaraderie and working for a noble cause. While reluctant to commit to bad situations and afraid of getting in trouble with others, you can often lighten stressful situations with your playful and self-deprecating humor.

You might manage your fears or doubts by focusing on what could go wrong and being cautious, or you might deny your fears and courageously take risks to handle situations. When you feel prepared, you can be very effective in crisis. Your keys to growth include distinguishing the difference between your genuine awareness and your projected fears or doubts, and trusting your own inner authority and guidance in the present moment.

What You Are Great At

  • Identify potential hazards and either avoid them or face them head on.

  • Being dedicated, loyal and committed to friends, family and allies.

  • Troubleshooting, strategizing, and problem solving.

  • Anticipating potential problems, taking calculated risks.

  • Being giving and supportive in committed relationships.

  • Taking protective action for a better future.

  • Being analytical, planning thoroughly, prepared for worst case scenarios.

  • Being thoughtful and careful before taking action.

  • Mobilizing and supporting others during crisis.

  • Carrying out the directives of and being devoted to trusted leaders.

  • Working hard for the team without needing recognition or reward.

  • Supporting underdog causes and fighting for the underserved.

Core Wiring

You want to be safe, secure, fit in, and belong; but most importantly, you want to have certainty, a trusted friend, or a known system to put your faith in. You are the true devil's advocate and can always see both sides of every issue. You may struggle with feelings of fear, doubt, and/or anxiety, and risk undermining or blaming others to protect yourself.

You may manage your fear by focusing on what could go wrong and by avoiding perceived hazards. Alternatively, you may face your fears and take calculated risks to prove that you are not afraid. Secretly, you still prepare.

You feel that the world is a dangerous place. Most people have hidden agendas, so you must focus on security, loyalty, and trustworthiness. At your best, you are courageous, supportive, engaging, dedicated and loyal.

What Drives You

Driven by an underlying fear of what is perceived to be a dangerous or hostile world, you are motivated to find or create safe and supportive means and/or relationships to protect against external threats. You want to be clear about your situation, feel supported by others, and have certainty and reassurance about the future.

Inner World of the Type 6

Core Fears

Your core fears are of being blamed and punished for something you didn’t do, and being misled or unsafe in a dangerous world. This may be expressed as either fearing authority and becoming passive-aggressive or challenging authority and becoming provocative and aggressive.

You may have a fear of being alone, unsupported and/or unprotected as well as a fear of success because successful people are often targeted by others. You may also have a fear of fear -- thinking that if you are afraid, you might become paralysed and cowardly- unprepared and unable to defend yourself and others when needed.

Core Desires

To be safe, secure, certain, protected, and supported, as well as to have clear structures and a sense of belonging so you can take calculated risks and contribute to a noble cause.

Core Needs

You need predictability, a protective authority, and the security of feeling like you belong. You long for trustworthy guidance to manage your feelings of fear and doubt.

You're a "proof junkie" who tests people, ideas, and beliefs numerous times to see if they merit your loyalty. You tend to need reassurance, encouragement, and positive feedback from friends and loved ones.

Core Beliefs

The world is chaotic, unpredictable and easily-angered. It's best to stay alert, be vigilant, and prepare for all worst-case scenarios. I must seek trustworthy guidance from experts to keep my world safe and predictable.


  • Clear structures and guidelines.

  • Rules and regulations.

  • Rehearsing to feel confident.

  • Preparation and predictability.

  • Security and certainty.

  • Loyalty and commitment.

  • Heroic gestures and noble causes.

  • Supportive relationships and environments.

  • Trustworthy authorities, friends and coworkers.

  • Plan B and preparing for worst case scenarios.

  • Tension and conflict.

  • Openness and honesty.


  • Being blamed for something you did not do.

  • False compliments or hidden agendas.

  • An uncertain future.

  • Anger and uncertainty.

  • Unjust authorities.

  • Show boats and those that are insincere.

  • Dangerous situations out of your control.

  • Unpredictability and feeling caught off guard.

  • Others that do not follow the rules.

  • Inconsistencies, suspicious behaviors.

  • Being mislead.

  • “Us against them” scenarios.

Outer World of the Type 6


You scan for problems and inconsistencies to prepare for all worst-case scenarios. You doubt and question, seeking reassurance and guidance from trustworthy sources. You are hypervigilant, thinking and analyzing instead of acting.

Impact of Strategies

Having conducted a sweeping analysis of the environment for threats, you feel you have enough confidence, information, support, and trustworthy guidance to feel safe, certain and secure.

What's Great About You

You are warm, friendly, curious, loyal, dutiful, committed, and dedicated. You are a faithful and dependable friend, co-worker, and family member. When necessary, you are brave and courageous.

Attention goes to...

Your attention goes to feelings of fear, doubt and scanning the environment for danger and hidden motives or agendas. You have a tendency to focus on the worst-case scenario.

Your fears and doubts can keep you from taking action and/or trusting yourself and others. You may at times be overly phobic and at other times overly counter-phobic.

Operating System of the Type 6

At Your Best

You are a trustworthy, responsible, hard-working and committed person who focuses on what is needed in any given situation. You are especially courageous in the midst of crisis. You readily pick up on signals of potential threat or danger, anticipate problems, and prepare for action.

In order to work toward best-case scenarios, you imagine worst cases and prepare for them. You are especially adept at spotting hidden agendas, pitfalls and facades. You enjoy working with people you trust, and are especially committed to family, friends, coworkers and worthy causes.

You identify with underdogs and work tirelessly to support them. You’re a natural troubleshooter and team player that is adept at predicting, analyzing and solving problems. This aligns well with team competencies of mutual accountability, authentic and open communication, trust, collaboration and support.

Under Stress

When your focus is so resolutely set on wanting the world to be a safer place, you over focus on finding safety, certainty and security. You avoid being mislead, caught off guard, helpless or dependent. When you are afraid that things might go wrong, you may feel paralyzed by doubt and be become anxious and uncertain as to which action you should take.

You may fear that you will be abandoned and alone if you get in trouble with important others or are blamed for something