Enneagram Type 3 - The Successful Achiever

Superstar, Producer, Performer, Motivator, Role Model, Ideal Exemplar, Best in Show

Worldview of the Type 3


You are a driven, confident, and efficient person who strives for excellence and can achieve extraordinary things. You delight in accomplishing goals, completing tasks, and celebrating “a job well done.” Others see you as polished.

Focused intently on your image and public presentation, you can mold yourself into whatever seems to be called for in any given situation. On occasion, adaptability can lead to inauthenticity. Your keys to growth include recognizing and expressing who you really are at your core, and seeing what actually needs to be done in the present moment.

What You Are Great At

  • Being positive, pragmatic, efficient, and productive.

  • Managing your public image and presentation.

  • Being industrious and getting results quickly and successfully.

  • Setting practical, concrete goals to motivate yourself and others.

  • Doing a good job and looking good doing it.

  • Maintaining a calm, composed demeanor even under difficulty/stress.

  • Adapting well to changing circumstances, settings, and relationships.

  • Winning at whatever game you play.

  • Mentoring, coaching or leading a team to the win.

  • Packaging and marketing things well to highlight value/worth.

  • Knowing how to adapt and present in different situations.

  • Leading the team with enthusiasm, energy, and clear direction.

Core Wiring

You want to be accomplished, dynamic, and a high-achiever; but most importantly, you want to be good at what you do and to look good while doing it. You are highly ambitious, driven, focused, and self-motivated. You are goal-oriented, and know where to direct your energy.

You need goals and projects to achieve and feel the reward of completion and success. Under stress, you may become self-promoting, self-deceptive, or overly competitive. At your best, you are self-confident, positive, energetic and extremely productive.

What Drives You

You are results driven with a strong need to succeed and excel. You are motivated by a desire to feel valued and admired for your hard work.

By focusing on constant achieving, you secretly hope for the applause, accolades and rewards that will validate that you are a winner. You long to be an impressive, successful all star.

Inner World of the Type 3

Core Fears

Your core fears are of failing, missing the mark, lacking ambition or being without merit. Fear of not getting results.

You may also fear being incompetent, useless or a “nobody” that “hasn’t amounted to anything.” There may be a deep fear about being “found out” if you imagine that the image you’ve been projected is actually fake or false, and what underlies it is more meaningless or worthless.

Core Desires

To be capable and productive, to be seen as outstanding, successful, and as having extraordinary merit.

Core Needs

You need to be the best at whatever you do. You love the sound of applause and accolades for a job well done.

You need others' praise and acknowledgement of your achievements. Looking successful in someone else's eyes motivates you to push yourself harder and accomplish more. Always one to seek attention through your personal achievements, you find relaxing difficult; stop being the peacock and become part of the herd.

Core Beliefs

Life is essentially competitive. You're only as good as your last win.

To be admired, I must continually succeed. The world only values winners. Getting things done and being productive is key to my well-being.


  • DOING! and then seeing a job well done

  • Winning; succeeding

  • Being admired and getting applause

  • Crossing things off the “to-do” list

  • Accomplishing and achieving

  • Looking good

  • Receiving praise and recognition

  • Being “the best”

  • Creating and having clear goals

  • Feeling challenged by new opportunities

  • Appearing confident and competent

  • People being jealous of you


  • Negative emotions that slow you down

  • Losing or failing

  • Being ignored or seen as unimportant

  • Being passed over for a position

  • Receiving criticism

  • Not getting the highest marks (being second best)

  • Wasting time, being unproductive, not getting results

  • Not getting desired results or anticipated outcomes

  • Feeling incompetent or inept

  • Being disliked, unpopular, being unadmired

  • Having work disrupted or delayed

  • Watching someone else “on stage” or being recognized

Outer World of the Type 3


You set your emotions aside to continuously achieve and stay in-motion. You take massive action, put forth a good image, and believe in faking it till you make it.

Impact of Strategies

You accomplish praiseworthy and admirable goals. People see you as successful and extraordinary.

What's Great About You

You are positive, motivated, practical, industrious, goal-oriented, and successful. You easily set goals and generally accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

Attention goes to...

Your attention goes to performance, prestige and seeking status for approval. You are hyper focused on your audience and adapt to their expectations. You want to be the very image of success wherever your are and with whatever you do.

Operating System of the Type 3

At Your Best

You are determined, pragmatic, goal-oriented and hardworking person who focuses on achievement and success in any given situation. You tend not to rest for long, perpetually enthused about the next prospect for achieving admiration and recognition from others. You are a master at goal setting and keeping your eye on the prize.

Accordingly, you often achieve outstanding results and surpass all expectations for productivity when you set your mind on something. You generally appear poised and competent to others, maintaining a “good image” no matter what is happening.

You adapt to changing circumstances, sizing up what is needed and appropriate in any setting. Your emphasis on effectiveness make you an asset to any team in the areas of clear and meaningful goals, strategic thinking and decision making.

Under Stress

When your focus is so resolutely set on constantly needing to perform, achieve, and keep the wheels turning, you can burn yourself out like a hamster on a wheel often to the detriment of relationships, your health, and any lasting fulfillment. Your desire for prestige and constant activity can give rise to a cycle of “doing and overdoing” because you are afraid that if you stop, the world will crash down around you and you may have to face failure or emptiness.